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Shopping Tips When Traveling to Beijing

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  What to Buy in Beijing


  Souvenirs like key chains, pins and T-shirts, etc., are universally available at any tourist sight. But for a bit more special Chinese items, you'll have to search at markets. Here we give you a list of recommended items to buy. Enjoy and bring an empty suitcase!

what to buy in beijing travel


  Brocade (织锦 zhijin)

  It’s a type of silk. Colorful and more durable than types of silk, its intricate patterns adorn many household items, such as pillows, curtains and tablecloths.


  Batik (蜡染 Laran)

  Wax drawn on cloth and then dyed in indigo. After removing the wax a unique pattern emerges against the dark color.


  Carpet (地毯/挂毯 Ditan/Guatan)

  Wall carpets and floor carpets alike, of all sizes, adorned with beautiful Chinese designs.


  Carved Lacquerware (漆器 Qiqi)

  Layered lacquer ornament (such as plate or vase) which is intricately carved by hand.


  Ceramic (陶瓷 Taoci)


  Chopsticks (筷子 Kuaizi)


  Cloisonné (景泰蓝 Jingtailan)

  First appearing in the 13th century, it is a local enamel handicraft made with roughcast brass and copper wire inlay.


  Silk (丝绸 Sichou)

  Fine, smooth and exquisite, China has been famous for silk products for hundreds of years.


  Jade Carving (玉雕 Yudiao)

  Following a truly ancient trade, these hand-carved objects are both valuable and collectable.


  Sandalwood Fan (檀香扇 Tanxiangshan)


  Chinese Writing Brush (毛笔 Maobi)


  Chinese Calligraphy and Painting (书画 Shuhua)

  Originals are very expensive, but you can find cheap, quality reproductions.


  Ink Stone (砚 Yan)

  Add water and grind the ink stick here to prepare your ink.


  Pearl (珍珠 Zhenzhu)


  Ink Stick (墨 Mo)

  Made from soot, and used in combination with an ink stone to make liquid ink for Chinese paintings and calligraphies.


  Chop/Seal (印章 Yinzhang)

  An unmistakable Chinese souvenir. Be sure to get the traditional red ink paste with it.


  Dough Figurine (面人 Mianren)

  A typical Beijing handicraft made of wheat flour and glutinous rice flour.


  Kite (风筝 Fengzheng)


  Tea (茶 Cha)


  Painted Snuff Bottle (鼻烟壶 Biyanhu)

  Mostly made of glass, these little delicate bottles are painted from the inside.


  Embroidery (刺绣 Cixiu)

  Silky, colorful and delicate, the art of embroidery has several regional styles.


  Quotations from Chairman Mao (毛主席语录)

  Alias "The Little Red Book" with quotes from Mao on such diverse topics as War and Peace, the Mass Line, Women, Education, and Servitude. It can be bought at Pearl Market.


  Qipao Dress (旗袍)


  Paper-cut (剪纸 Jianzhi)


  Common Prices


  While prices vary from store to store, there are places you can bargain and places you can't. In a famous retail outlet like Wal-Mart, common sense dictates you can't bargain there. On the street though, it's game on! Be prepared to haggle. And even in some large Chinese outlets, you can negotiate on the expensive items of jewelry, or electronics. Small businesses and street stalls charge a large mark-up and you need to watch out or you could be cheated. Here are some common prices for general reference. There's no need for you to be a sucker!

chinese currency renminbi 人民币


  In a store or a supermarket


  AA battery: RMB 25/pair (for digital camera)

  Beer: RMB 2/can, RMB 2-3/bottle

  Coco-Cola: RMB 2/can, RMB5/ bottle

  Film: RMB 20-30/roll (35mm)

  Milk: RMB 1.7/pack

  Purified/mineral water: RMB 1-2/botter

  Ice tea: RMB 3/bottle

  Instant noodle: RMB2-3/tub

  Erguotou alcohol: RMB 2-4/small bottle

  In a market

  Back bag: RMB 40+

  Chopstick set: RMB 25-60

  Embroidered cloth: RMB 50+

  Embroidered silk handkerchief: RMB 50+

  Fan: RMB 10-50

  Hat: RMB 20-50

  His-and-hers watches: RMB 300/pair

  Jacket: RMB 80-300 depending on materials

  Jeans: RMB 80-120

  Kite: RMB10+

  Knick-knack: RMB 10+

  Lacquer ware: RMB 50+

  Leather purse: RMB 60+`

  Luggage: RMB 100+

  Mahjong set: RMB 100

  Mao's Little Red Book: RMB20 for one reprinted copy

  Painting/calligraphy scroll: RMB30+

  Pants: RMB 60-100

  Paper –cut: RMB 5+

  Pearl necklace: RMB 20+

  Qipao dress: RMB 80+

  Seal: RMB 50+

  Shoes: RMB 80-200 depending on whether

  Silk robe: RMB 100

  Silver bracelets: RMB 100+/pair

  Silver earrings: RMB 40+/pair

  Skirt: RMB 50-100

  Small cloisonné souvenir: RMB 20+

  Snuff bottle: RMB 30+

  Sunglasses: RMB 20-100

  Sweater: RMB 80

  Tie: RMB 10+

  T-shirt: RMB 25-50

  Other prices

  Seal carving: RMB 25+

  Tailor-made suits: RMB 1000+

  Tailor-made qipao dress: RMB 600+

  6 megapixel digital camera: RMB 1,300+

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