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Beijing Transportation Smart Card

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  'With a little smart card, people can travel around the city easily.' The Beijing Transportation Smart Card, like the MetroCard in New York City and the Oyster Card in London, can be used on all of the subway trains, Airport Express Train, city buses and some taxis. People can get a 50% discounts when paying for the city-bus fare by card. What's more, the Transportation Smart Card could be used at some designated supermarkets, long-distance bus lines and the expressways in this city.


  These public telephones set along the Chang'an Avenue also access to the card.

Beijing Transportation Smart Card


  Who can apply for the card?


  Every one could apply for using the Beijing Transportation Smart Card. No ID Card, passport or other documents is required for renting a card, so the card will not be registered to user's name and refunds will not be available if lost.


  How much does the card cost?


  The card is lent to users for free. If the card is applied for the first time, the user should put down a deposit of CNY20/card and add some value of no less than CNY20. The full deposit and the balance in the card could be refund.


  Where to apply for the card?


  Over 170 designated points have been set for users to rent and reload the card. These points are located at the ticket offices of all city subway stations (05:30~23:00), some bus stations, supermarkets (e.g, Jingkelong Convenience Stores, Lianhua Quick, Good Neighbor Supermarket) and Post Offices (09:00~17:00).


  Here is a brief list of the designated bus stations:


  1. Opening Hours: 07:00~19:00


  Deshengmen (315, 5), Andingmen (358, 328, 27), Beijing West Railway Station (beside the police station), Zoo (15, 103, 65), Fuchengmen (335, 409), Zhongguancun (320 Beihang Stop), Summer Palace (346), Dongdaqiao (109, 28), Jinsong (41), Gongzhufen (Huandao Center), Pingguoyuan (311, 664), Sihui (1, 322), Nanhu (the 7th Passenger Transport Co.), Xuanwumen (near the church), Dongzhimen (107), Chongwenmen (111)


  2. Opening Hours: 07:00~19:00 (26th-3rd of next month)


  Tiantongyuan (358), Dong Sishi Tiao (42), West Railway Station (320), Muxiyuan (324), North Railway Station (20, 102), Daguanyuan (59), Xinjiekou Huokou (44, 331), Xidan (46), Beijing Railway Station (10), Fuxingmen (395), Summer Palace (374), Dongdaqiao (350), Dabeiyao (348), Capital Airport (359), Sihui (4, 402), Fangzhuang (37), Badachu (389), Baiyunlu (114, 308), Workers' Stadium (113), Dongzhimen (401, 359)


  3. Opening Hours: 09:00~16:00


  Fangshan (917), Pinggu (918), Miyun (980), Huairou (916), Yanqing (919)


  How to use the card?


  The card is tactile. When taking buses, users should move the card close to the card reader at the bus door for payment. The card should be used twice: both getting on and off the bus. To use it on buses, passengers should keep at least CNY1 storage in the card. When entering into subway station, users should move the card close to the read machine and then again when exiting. The fare floats based on travel distance and the starting price is CNY3 for first 4 miles (6km). A minimum storage of CNY3 is required. By using the card, passengers can enjoy 20% discount for expense between CNY100 to CNY150, and 50% discount for expense between CNY150 to CNY400.




  1. Do not store too much money in the smart card for one time. The card is a bearer card with no compensation for loss.


  2. The card can only be used by one person for each bus.

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