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Beijing Cherry Vally Garden (Yingtaogou)

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  Cherry Vale, commonly known as the Zhou Family Garden, is situated at the foot of Shou'an Mountain near the Fragrant Hills Park in Haidian district. Walking west from the Temple of the Reclining Buddha one comes to a narrow, winding path, which leads to the Cherry Vale-a quite.A secluded valley ideal for summer visits. During the Ming Dynasty, the Temple of Broad Wisdom (Guanghuisi) was built here. In front of and behind the temple were orchards in which cherry trees were especially abundant. Hence the valley obtained its present name.


  Earthen terraces are faintly visible on the slopes of the stony peak. Lush bamboos bow to the wind and wild flowers bloom in abundance. Early spring welcomes the return of swallows, while the mid-summer sky resounds with the cry of the cicada. Here at all places and all seasons one is struck by the purity and freshness of the valley.

Beijing Cherry Vally Garden (Yingtaogou)


  Travel tips:


  Entry ticket: 5 yuan (usual); 10 yuan (Holiday)


  Opening hours: 7:00-18:00


  Transportation: Take Bus No.929, 333 to arrive tour spots directly; take Bus No.318, 714 to Zhiwuyuan Stop or Bus No.331, 505, 630 to Wofo Temple Stop;


  Tel: 010-61883114

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