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What Holidays Do We Have for Rest of the Year

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  The Chinese Spring Festival holidays has just concluded. Are you looking forward to the next holidays? Let’s have a look at on which dates we will have long holidays for the rest of 2016 in China. Try to avoid the peak tourist time when travelling to China.




  April: Qing Ming Festival will fall on April 4, Monday.




  May: Labor's Day will fall on Sunday, but the following Monday will be a day off.




  June: Duanwu Festival will fall on June 9 Thursday, but the following Sunday will be shifted to a workday.




  September: Mid-Autumn will fall on September 15, Thursday. The following Sunday will be a work day.




  October: The Nation Day holidays will start from Oct 1 Saturday to Oct 7 Friday. There will be no off day on Oct 8 and 9.

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