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Zhongguancun releases 2015 “Top Tens”

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  Zhongguancun science park at Haidian District of Beijing, known as China’s Silicon Valley, released three “top ten” lists after reviewing performances and news reports of thousands of enterprises in 2015.


Zhongguancun Area


  The lists --- the Top Ten Venture Capital Investment Events, Top Ten Mergers and Acquisition Events and Top Ten News Events --- were released to promote innovation and entrepreneurship.


  Sponsored by the Zhongguancun Federation of Social Organizations, the activity was initiated on Dec. 15 and promoted through television, newspapers and magazines as well as the Internet.


  On the venture capital investment chart, 36 Kr, an ecological service platform for Internet startups, took lead for attracting over 100 million US dollars in a single month. Other companies, such as Renrenche.com, a used car trading website, and face++, a visual service platform, were also listed.


  Among the top ten M&A events, the biggest was the consolidation of Didi Dache and Kuaidi Dache, China's largest mobile-based taxi-hailing platforms, on Feb. 14. The merger of Meituan.com, a group-buying site backed by Alibaba Group Holdings, and Tencent’s consumer review service Dianping.com was also listed.


  Other listed events included the strategic mergers of online service providers 58.com and ganji.com, and acquisitions including the BlueFocus Communication and the Beijing-based Leyard Optoelectronic.


  Premier Li Keqiang’s visits to Zhongguancun ranked among the top news events. Other stories including the upgrading of Innoway, the publishing of the big-data industrial roadmap and the test drive of Baidu’s remotely piloted vehicle.


  Experts said that events in the information and technology industry take the lead in all charts. In terms of investment, the information and technology industry also ranks first with nearly 60 billion yuan ($ 9.2 billion), accounting for 58.5 percent of total investment.

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