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5 Recommended Teahouse in Beijing

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  Beijing teahouses are not only places to drink a cup of tea; they are also good places for travellers to soak up the traditional local culture when visiting China. Performances such as the Beijing Opera, acrobatics, magic tricks and comic dialogues are usually given in these Beijing teahouses. Food and snacks may be served at some teahouses. Now let's have a look at the 5 recommended teahouses in Beijing.


  Minghui Tea House


  Hangzhou is well known for its Longjing Tea and Hupao Spring. This spring, you can taste the city’s flavor in Minghui Tea House instead of going over to Hangzhou. The tea house is located in the tranquil Dajue Temple where towering pines, cypresses and beautiful yulan flowers are planted beside ancient shrines, ruined tablets as well as an all-year-round gurgling stream from a fountain. Not only can you taste the high-quality tea, but you can feel the profound history either in the tea room or in the courtyard. The tea of Biluochun is recommended.


Minghui Tea House


  Address: inside Dajue Temple, Beianhe, Sujiatuo Township, Haidian District


  Telephone: 010-62461567; 010-62461568


  Zizhuyuan Tea House


  Zizhuyuan Tea House features various kinds of classic tea arts and knows well the way of processing tea leaves. With a quaint gate, the inside of the tea house is a beautiful spot with green bamboos, blue water, rugged rockeries and blooming flowers. When you step in to the courtyard, it seems as if a celebrity’s backyard garden. Each cup of tea contains the essence of the tea art. In a fast-paced city, it is a good place to appreciate the tea arts and enjoy the calm. Additionally, the traffic is very convenient. Guests can park their cars in front of the gate of the tea house. Attendant's attitude is also very good.


Zizhu Tea House


  Address: no. 7, Shouti South Road, Haidian District


  Telephone: 010-68473835


  Hanruoju Tea House


  Located near the Old Summer Palace, the Hanruoju Tea House is a unique and quiet place. In its original styled quadrangle courtyard, visitors will surely be impressed by the senses of tranquility and intellectuality. Bird cages are hung on the branches of an ancient willow. It must be a wonderful thing, when you take a sip of tea and hear the birds sing.


flower arrangement lesson at Hanruoju Tea House


  Address: the east courtyard of the Cuiliuyuan(Green Willow Garden) east gate of the Old Summer Palace, Haidian District


  Telephone: 010-62555775


  Luyuxuan Tea House


  Although the Luyuxuan Tea House is hidden in a bustling commercial street, it is a quiet place. As it is located near the Ruins of the Yuan Dynasty, the tea house integrates modern and traditional elements. The Buddhism-cultured tea house is a good place to taste famous tea while paying respect for Buddha. With the business area of more than 700 square meters, the two-story tea house can accommodate several hundreds of seats.


Luyuxuan Tea House


  Address: no.2, Beitaipingzhuang Road, Haidian District


  Telephone: 010-82082728


  Zhuxi Tea House


  Heavily furnished with the Jiangnan style, Zhuxi Tea House is comfortable for tea goers where cards and Majiang playing are allowed. With a creek winding its way under a delicate bridge, visitors will find themselves in an entirely new world. Tea here is pretty good, staff is well trained in gentle movement.


Zhuxi Tea House


  Address: Building 3, 43, middle section of the North Third Ring Road, Haidian District. 500 meters to the north of the Beitaipingzhuang Bridge, on the east side of the Third Ring Road.


  Telephone: 010-82014282

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