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3 Distinctive Temples Hidden in Beijing's Downtown Area

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  Five Pagoda Temple


  Situated at Xizhimenwai in Haidian District, Five Pagoda Temple is an ideal place to appreciate the splendid history of Buddhism and its architecture in China as well as enjoying the pleasant scene and special tranquility. It is a respite from crowded tourist attractions of the city.

Five Pagoda Temple


Five Pagoda Temple


Five Pagoda Temple


  Wanshou Temple


  Wanshou Temple (the temple of longevity) is located at the Suzhou Street in Beijing. It was built in the 16th century during the Wanli era of the Ming Dynasty. It was an imperial dwelling and celebration place for the imperial families during the Ming and Qing dynasty. In addition to being a Buddhist temple, the Wanshou Temple today also houses an art museum, the Beijing Art Museum.

Linglong Tower, Wanshou Temple


  Biyun Temple


  Also known as Temple of Azure Clouds, Biyun Temple is located in Haidian District, a northwestern suburb of Beijing. Sitting just outside the northern gate of Xiangshan Park, it is around 20 kilometers away from the city center of Beijing.

Biyun Temple, Fragrant Hills


  Bearing a long history, it was initially built around 1331 during Yuan Dynasty. However, it went through reconstruction during both the Ming and the Qing Dynasties and the current structure is strongly reminiscent of Ming architecture.

The Imperial Gardens