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The Summer Palace, Best-preserved Imperial Garden in the World

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  The Summer Palace, an ancient imperial garden of Beijing, is located in Haidian district. Covering a total area of about 290 hectares, it is divided into two main areas, Kunming Lake and Longevity Hill.


  15 kilometers away from the city area, The Summer Palace was once named Qingyi Garden. It is one of the most famous travel spot in China. Based on the layout of Hangzhou’s west lake and derived the designs of the Southern China’s style, the summer palace, praised as a “royal garden museum”, is the best-preserved imperial garden which still in existence today in the world.


the summer Palace, beijing


  In the 15th year of Qianlong emperor of Qing Dynasty, to honor his mother, Empress Xiaoshen, Emperor Qianlong put in 4.48 million silvers to reconstruct Qingyi Garden, and thus formed a 20 kilometers’ imperial garden area from Tsinghua Park to Fragrant Hills. Qingyi Garden was burned down by Anglo-French Allied Forces in Emperor Xianfeng’s reign and rebuild in the 14th year of emperor Guangxu. From then on, it was renamed as the Summer Palace and became a summer resort and entertainment place for the royal household.


  In the 26th year of emperor Guangxu, the Summer Palace was ruined again by the allied forces of eight powers, with all treasures were sacked, and It was further destructed after the end of the Qing dynasty.


Wenchang Pavilion of the Summer Palace


  On March 4, 1961, the Summer Palace, together with Chengde summer resort, the Humble Administrator's garden and Liu garden, were announced as the first batch of national key cultural relic protection units at the same time. These four spots were also named as China's four famous gardens. The Summer Palace was listed in the "world heritage" In November 1998 and formally approved for the state 5 A-Class tourist scenic spot On May 8, 2007. In 2009, the summer palace was selected as the largest imperial gardens in China by the Chinese association of world record.

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