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Fenghuangling Kicks Off the 16th Apricot Blossom Festival

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  Covering an area about 15.33 square kilometers (nearly 3,800 acres), the Phoenix Range (Fenghuangling in Chinese) Nature Park is a national AA scenic spot. It is located inside the West Hill Farm of Sujiatuo in Haidian District, Beijing. It is 30 kilometers (more than 18 miles) from central Beijing.


  The Nature Park is a well-conserved ecological erea. Beautiful natural scenery and historical relics combine to form this park. With the green hills, limpid water, clean air and proper air humidity, it is reputed as the lung of Beijing City, together with the Little Huangshan Mountain, west of Beijing. Meanwhile, the park has colorful cultural sites. There are numerous sites of Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, and remains of the health preserving culture of ancient China. These cultural sites are very compatible with scenic spots. In total there are more than 40 scenic spots in the park.


Fenghuangling Kicks Off the 16th Apricot Blossom Festival


  Time has arrived at the end of March. With so many perfectly shaped and beautifully colored buds blooming, the season of spring becomes a spectacular show of different kinds of flowers. It is the perfect time to have a wonderful floral-excursion. On March 26, the 16th Apricot Blossom Festival kicked off in Phoenix Range(Fenghuangling) Natural Scenery Park at Haidian District, Beijing. A series of rich and colorful folk activities about flowers will last to early May. Here we introduce some local activities and when to appreciate them. So why not go out with your friends and indulge yourselves in the sea of flowers?


  1. 20th Anniversary of Fenghuangling’s Opening


  The Phoenix Range Natural Scenery Park opened to the public in April, 1996. Now, it is a national 4A scenic spot. The park plans to hold an activity with a theme of “Looking for Fenghuangling’s Peers” to celebrate its 20th anniversary. Visitors who were born in April 1996 can enjoy a free entry to the park with their ID cards and may get a pretty birthday gift from the park next month!


Fenghuangling Kicks Off the 16th Apricot Blossom Festival


  Date: 1-30 April, 2016


  2. Appreciate Flowers on a Spring Outing


  As spring is coming, now is the best time to appreciate flowers in Fenghuangling. The hills and valleys are covered with colorful blossoms and the air is filled with the smell of fresh apricots. Wintersweets, magnolia flowers, apricot blossoms.... why not relax in the lung of Beijing City?


Fenghuangling Kicks Off the 16th Apricot Blossom Festival


  Date: 26 March---3 May

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