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"Haidian" is a Must for Travelers in Beijing

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  When you travel to Beijing, Haidian District is an absolute MUST.


  Beijing Haidian district lies towards the northwestern part of the greater urban area. It is the second-largest district in urban Beijing with 431 square km in area, home to most universities where many of its inhabitants are college students. As a result, the district is often referred to as the "University District" by English speakers living in Beijing.


  Culture and History


  Haidian District was first built in the Yuan Dynasty and became one of the eight major business areas of the capital during the Qing Dynasty and was the seat of such old shops as Lotus White, Quanjude and Hongbin House. The famed Old Summer Palace and Summer Palace, two grand imperial gardens are also among its reputed features.


"Haidian" is a Must for Travelers in Beijing

the Summer Palace


  Recommended Spots: The Summer Palace, The Old Summer Palace, Dajue Temple




  Haidian became a university district after the building of Tsinghua University and Yenching University. It officially became an administrative district in June 1954. Since the reform and opening up, it has become the centre of China's IT industry. Central part of Haidian's economy, the Zhongguancun electronics district, hosts the Beijing offices of many software and computer-technology companies.


"Haidian" is a Must for Travelers in Beijing

Peking University


  Recommended Spots: Tsinghua University, Peking University, Zhongguancun Science Park


  Beijing Life Style


  The modern Beijing has experienced about ten generation of operation, which had numerous illustrious Emperor City's sight and the world's largest imperial Palaces. What you see and feel in Beijing is not only the ancient empire's majestic solemnity, but also the modern city's trendy downtown, high-speed convenient. And the strong modern breath is blowing on your face when setting foot in Beijing. Beyond that, Haidian District also covers a numbers of nature sceneries, such as the Phoenix Range, the Fragrant Hills and Baiwangshan Forest Park.


"Haidian" is a Must for Travelers in Beijing

Phoenix Range


  Recommended Spots: Fragrant Hills Park, Phoenix Range(Fenghuangling in chinese), Baiwangshan Forest Park


"Haidian" is a Must for Travelers in Beijing


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The Imperial Gardens