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Travel Note - The Old Summer Palace: Unbeatable Historical Value

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  (By Maharti H.)


  Easily accessible by tube or taxi in the North East of the city's Haidian district. The Old Summer Palace offers some interesting ruins, gardens and a maze for 25RMB. Additionally there is an enormous park that includes some very pleasant walks, views and wildlife, including black swans. 

The Old Summer Palace:Unbeatable Historical Value


  I visited Yuanmingyuan 4 years ago during spring. The trees and flowers were gorgeous and the atmosphere was very pleasant and relaxed. However, we only have very limited time so we were not able to see the ruins.


  Fast forward to just a few days ago, I made sure that we would be able to appreciate the place better by allotting more time. This was a great decision as we were able to admire and take pictures of the ruins of a once glorious palace.


  if you love to understand china history ,good to come and visit the old ruins..... it is good to understand china dark history. I personally prefer this over the new Summer Palace as it feels more authentic, laid back, less touristy and natural though of course, the new Summer Palace is still worth visiting.

The Imperial Gardens