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Travel Note - Fragrant Hills Park: Aromatic mountain of the east!

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  Tired of bustling Beijing? It's pollution, traffic, masses of people? Than this is a nice alternative. Less people and less traffic (and if there are no national holidays or weekends, even less!); best period, though, is autumn, but it will be as busy as Tian’anmen square during a summer weekend. This is a must-see nature park only a half hour from downtown.


  Beijing. It has thousands of beautiful old trees, flowers and historical temples and pagodas. We love to visit there in the winter time after snowfall. It’s so so beautiful there. In the fall, the leaves changing color has a totally different view. In the Spring time, there are so much different flowers and smells heavenly- that why it called Fragrant Hills.


Fragrant Hills Park: Aromatic mountain of the east!


  First, make sure you bring your shoe, not heels!! If you planned to hiked up, believe me its a one tiring journey, I can’t make it halfway then decided to go up by cable car (YEAY! so don't worry) The hike itself could took an hour or more, while by cable car it only took 17 minutes, haha.... I went there during autumn,, the breeze was cool and the pretty red leaves all around, they sell souvenirs and some foods up the hill, so don't worry, the hike is worthed in the end.


  The Fragrant Hills park is not far from the Summer Palace, so you can visit both places in one day. esidents in Beijing usually go there on weekends. There is a memorial site for Sun Yat-Sen and then a cable lift chair ride to get to the top of the hill. I recommend bringing money to visit the other attractions (e.g. Sun Yat-Sen). Climbing the hill via chair lift is one option for those in a hurry. For those who like nature more, hiking up then down is the way to go.


  Fragrant Hills has always been famous for the amazing view of red leaves in late fall, sticking out of the top of the mountain like the red hot top of a stick of burning incense (which is how it got its name). A lot of recent (and ongoing) construction has made this park into a world-class manicured park for walks / hikes / jogs. It has a lot of history associated with it and a number of historical events make reference to it.


Fragrant Hills Park: Aromatic mountain of the east!


  Definitely worth a visit when in Beijing (if staying for more than two days), even if it isn't the late fall.

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