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"Chongqing Hot Pot" Aims to be Hot Box-office

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  The upcoming comedy movie Chongqing Hot Pot has recently grabbed many New Yorkers' attention,as its giant poster showed up at the landmark Times Square on March 11.


The Movie "Chongqing Hot Pot" Aims to be Hot Box-office

Comedy movie Chongqing Hot Pot's poster shown at Times Squre.


  Set in southwestern China's Chongqing, the feature movie revolves on the adventures of threebest friends, whose failed effort to run a hot pot restaurant leads to a gang crime — the three roba local bank.


  Produced by Taiwan thriller film veteran Chen Kuo-fu, the film is the second feature of up-and-coming director Yang Qing.


  Yang, a Chongqing native, says the local geography with lots of bomb shelters and the hotpotculture inspired the story. Much of the cinematography was taken in underground locations.


  Led by award-winning actor Chen Kun, the cast also boasts actress Bai Baihe and actors QinHao and Yu En’tai.


  The movie will be released across the Chinese mainland on April 1.

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