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Travel Note - Feeling the breeze and ripple of the stream at Dajue Temple

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  Dajue Temple is located at the foot of the Mt.Yangtaishan. It is usually not a must-see sight for visitors and therefore being able to maintain its spirit and serenity. According to the notes, this temple has more than 1,000 years of history and has been favored by those emperors/queens of great attainments in calligraphy and painting as well as great writers in recent millennium. It is not a single temple but a series of halls, towers and pagodas organized in a temple park which has a hill at its rear with stream flowing around. As its name implies (dajue=great awakening), ancient people went there seeking inspirations from the Buddhist philosophy.



Mt. Yangtaishan


  Actually, of all time, few Chinese ever grasp or apply with the Buddhist philosophy. Temples have served as a place to pray for something they cannot have. The reason that this Dajue Temple could standout is that there burning incense is usually forbidden. As a result, prayers have to be sincerer, more decent and less pragmatism. The statues of the Buddhas are not plump and luxury however the offerings in front of them are never shinny and usually of high classes. The architecture of the main halls are remarkable. The bucket arches and ceilings are made of carved wood, with delicate patterns. The staff would play soft Buddhist music all day long as background which just helps you to get immersed and get inspired if you are lucky.


dajue Temple

Dajue Temple


  Besides, the temple is famous for its variety of rare vegetation: extremely tall and flourishing cypresses, ancient ginkgoes and white magnolias etc. The area is less polluted than the city of Beijing and there is a bus stop (of No.633) with 1km walk to the temple site.


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