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The North Face 100 Ultra Trail Challenge Beijing

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The North Face 100 Ultra Trail Challenge Beijing


   About TNF100


   In 2008, the North Face® launched The North Face 100® ultra-trail series in Asia-pacific area.


  In 2011, the North Face 100® became the "Dakar " in China among running races as the challenges of race tracks elevated each year.


  In 2013, the Fifth North Face 100® Ultra Challenge Beijing moved to Mentougou District in Beijing. The competition focused more on 50 kilometers and 100 kilometers competitors and the track experience is totally different from previous.


  In 2014,the sixth “the North Face 100® Ultra Challenge Beijing” moved to Fenghuangling resorts in Haidian district. Meanwhile, Yanqiao Yun,who attended lots of major cross country matches and was sponsored by the North Face®, also joined tracks designing. The designing connected all the mountains and rivers of west Beijing,which made up one of the most challenging matches of the same kind in Asia-pacific area.


  In 2015 , the Seventh " the North Face 100® Ultra Challenge Beijing" added 10 kilometer and 25 kilometer groups, and readjusted the starting time and finishing time of all games. In particular, the starting time was adjusted to midnight which emphasized the effects of night running skills and equipment in cross country race.


  In 2016, with Marathon and trail race blossoming, the eighth "the North Face 100® Ultra Challenge Beijing" will add groups of trail relay race, which intends to involve more attendants and make The North Face 100® the first trail race for more new runners.


  As a top outdoor sports brand worldwide, The North Face ® has been always following the concept of "never stop exploring" and put it into practice by hosting cross country races worldwide. In the past 10 years , the North Face Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc which runs across three countries in Europe and which has been sponsored by the North Face®, is the ultimate dream for many cross country race runners. Each year, it attracts abundant runners joining in from European and American countries. In Asia-pacific area, the North Face 100® has developed into one of the largest cross country race serials, which covers six countries including China, Australia, Philippine, Japan, Singapore and Thailand and so on.

The North Face 100 Ultra Trail Challenge Beijing


  Rules & RegulationsGeneral rules


  1.All race participants should walk or run independently in the course, without using any engine-driven vehicle or transportation tools with wheels, or else the violators will result in disqualification of the competition.


  2.All race participants should follow the marks along tracks in the course, and anyone who takes short cut will result in disqualification of the competition.


  3.The race number bib should be fixed at the front side of sportswear to ensure it is easily recognized at all time. If number bib is lost, the racing score will be regarded invalid. 4.Littering in tracks will result in disqualification of the competition.


  5.It is required to contact the staff at the nearest checkpoint or phone call the competition-operating staff (except when the first-aid personnel help race participants to leave in racing tracks) if anyone asks for quitting.


  6.Race participants shall voluntarily quit the game if arriving at any checkpoint/ supply-depot after it closes. Otherwise, the competitor will result in disqualification of the competition by committee of judges and put into the list of suspended race participants.


  7.All race participants must wear the mandatory outfit as the organizing committee requires during the competition. The staff will check the outfits randomly. Any competitor who is found out not or not fully equipped with outfit will result in disqualification of the competition. or persuaded to quit.


  8.If the competition is put off resulted by force majeure, the organizer has right to alter racing route or time. The organizer keeps the right of final interpretation on this competition.


  9.Any transferring of entrant eligibility is forbidden. Any medical care, or insurance claim as a result of transferring of entrant eligibility shall be assumed by the both parties dealing the transferring. Once the cheating is confirmed, both people will result in disqualification of the competition,and put into the suspended race participants list and the organizer will copy a report to China Athletics Association and International Trail-running Association.


  Security assurance and announcements


  1、Food and beverage will be available for race participants and the organizer will provide a complete list with all substances available in supply depots. The bottles, tans or cups cannot be taken away and race participants shall prepare drinking bottles themselves.


  2、Race participants can purchase food or other supplies in stores along the tracks (Che-erying village, Nanpo village, Beipo village).


  3、Race participants are supposed to use the side walk on road or race along the side if no side walk is available. Follow traffic lights, use zebra crossings and follow the directions from game staff. Watch out the traffic when there is no zebra crossing.


  4、Please dial the number on the back of bib if emergency rescue is needed so as to contact rescue workers for help.


  5、Race participants can help themselves with carry-on medical supplies in rural areas and put on rescue blanket to wait for the rescue workers.


  6、The organizer will purchase insurance for all race participants. Additional insurances or insurance shares shall be purchased by race participants and costs shall be assumed by themselves.


  7、Keep environmental awareness. Protect the environment along the racing tracks in the process. Keep off the grass, secure flowers and plants and no littering.


  8、Keep off farmland or garden without disturbing livestock or fowl in villages in good manners.


  9、No kindling can be brought into mountains in the game. No smoking. Anyone founded violating these will result in disqualification of the competition. and be handled in accordance with regulations by the department concerned if any consequences resulted in.


  Mandatory outfit and supply requirements:

The North Face 100 Ultra Trail Challenge Beijing

The North Face 100 Ultra Trail Challenge Beijing





  All those who finish the competition will get a finish medal.


  Cups will be awarded to the first places of 100 kilometer/50 kilometer men and women group. Bonus (vouchers) will be awarded to the top ten of 100-kilometer men’s group and also the top five of 100-kilometer women’s group, top six of 50-kilometer men’s group, and top three of women’s group. (details are listed as following, RMB)


        Registration: http://tnf100.ihuipao.com/


        Traffic Information:http://www.beijing-haidian.com/2016/0420/36006.html 


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