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China's Largest Pavilion: The Spacious Pavilion at the Summer Palace

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  The Spacious Pavilion (Kuoruting廓如亭)at The Summer Palace, commonly known as Bafang Pavilion, was built during Emperor Qianlong’s reign. Covering a total area of 140-plus square meters, the pavilion is circled three loops by 24 columns and 16 pillars inside and outside. With a double-hipped roof, the form of pavilion is stretch and sedate.

China's Largest Pavilion


  At early time, the Summer Palace had no eastern wall yet and a wide lake existed at the north of the pavilion, while paddy fields with a thousand Qing (a unit of area =6.6667 hectares) stood its south. It was very expansive overlooking through the pavilion, and that was why the name comes. The spectacular of the pavilion aimed to echo perfectly at a distance with the airy terraces and towers on the dragon- king-temple’s island, west of the marble seventeen-arch bridge.

China's Largest Pavilion


  In Beijing, this pavilion is the largest one, and meanwhile, it is the best existing building among domestic similar ones.


  There was a water outlet in the south of Kunming Lake, from which Empress Dowager Cixi went to the Summer Palace when taking a boat from waterway, after burned incense to worship at Dragon King Temple, she headed to the Hall of Leshou at the opposite bank by boat.

China's Largest Pavilion

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