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Zhongguancun Becomes IP Service Cluster Demonstration Zone

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  A Zhongguancun (located at Beijing's Haidian District) intellectual property promotion meeting was held in Beijing on April 29, at which the State Intellectual Property Office approved Zhongguancun as one of the first national demonstration zones for IP service cluster development.


  Liu Yinchun, deputy secretary general of Beijing’s municipal government, said that all personnel should focus on scientific and cultural innovations as a developmental foundation, effectively carry out an innovation-powered development strategy, and continue to improve development quality and benefits. IP will play a very important role in the process. Beijing will implement such a strategy and use IP to strengthen the nation. The city will continue to step up support for IP development and offer a better environment for the public to start up business and conduct innovations. Liu hoped that Zhongguancun will take advantage of its new role to strengthen IP development tracking, understanding and supervision and continue supervision service innovations. Liu called upon relevant personnel to pay more attention to the IP service institute’s service mode, approach and content innovations, so they could move to the high-end of the industry value chain.


  Gan Shaoning, deputy director general of the State Intellectual Property Office, pointed out that Zhongguancun has made great strides over the past three years, and its new role as a national demonstration zone for IP service cluster development was proof of its achievements. Gan hoped Zhongguancun will closely follow economic and industrial development trends and transform itself in three ways. First, it should expand from regional and intensive development to global and collaborative innovation-based industrial organization. Second, it should focus not on an element and institute-concentrated industrial base but on an internationally competitive innovation-based industry cluster. Third, it should mature from an early stage of exploration and self-development to demonstration of strategic leadership.


  Zhongguancun will take the lead in IP service development in the next three years according to its development plan. It will strengthen platform development, upgrade IP service capacity, support innovation and start-up business service, boost Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei coordinated IP service developments, enhance IP service personnel cultivation, and speed up the process of IP service internationalization. Zhongguancun will strive to develop three to five comprehensive IP service providers with global influence, a group of new IP service forms featuring internet plus, and high-end inter-disciplinary talent. It will develop IP service industry standards, let IP service play a significant supporting role in mobile internet, cutting-edge information gathering, environmental matters and modern transportation, and form an IP service cluster development mode that can be popularized nationwide.


  There were 223 patent agencies in Zhongguancun by the end of 2015, accounting for 60.1 percent of all in Beijing and 17.8 percent nationwide. The number of patent agents stood at 3,166, accounting for 62.9 percent in Beijing and 25.1 percent in China. In addition to patent agency services, IP institutes in Zhongguancun also offer patent analysis, strategic formulation, pre-warning analysis, and patent database construction services.


  A number of professional internet IP service platforms were displayed at the meeting. Zhongguancun is accelerating transformation and upgrading of the traditional IP service industry through integrating internet thinking and technology. It is committed to developing a new IP service ecology and becoming a source of new IP service forms.

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