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7 Traditional Snacks of Beijing

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  If you are strolling on the streets of Beijing, 7 traditional snacks you can’t exactly miss.


  Boiled Lamb Tripe (shuǐbàodǔ)水爆肚


  Boiled Lamb Tripe, popularly eaten with wine, is a very delicious dish known for their tenderness and crispness, whose duration and degree of heating are really strict. The cleaned sliced lamb tripe should be quickly boiled in high-temperature water for a certain time, which makes the lamb tripe nicely tender and crisp. After scooping it out of the high-temperature water, the ready-to-eat lamb tripe is mixed with sesame paste, soy sauce, sesame oil, fermented tofu, and shredded green onion.


  Boiled lamb tripe should be eaten as soon as possible, because it will become very chewy when it is cold.

7 Traditional Snacks of Beijing


  "Stir-Fried" Pork Liver (chǎogān) 炒肝


  Stir-fried pork liver is actually boiled pork liver with stir-fried style taste, whose main ingredients are pork liver and pork intestines. The sliced cleaned pork liver and pork intestines are boiled in soup with brown soy sauce, then dressed with starch, at last, a sprinkling of minced garlic.

7 Traditional Snacks of Beijing


  Beijing Sausage (guàncháng) 灌肠


  The skin of the sausage is made of cleaned pork intestines, while the fillings is a paste made from mixed flour, red yeast rice powder, and a sauce. After cooking thoroughly, the sausage is sliced into pieces and fried in pork oil, and then, sprinkled with a salty sauce and minced garlic.


  The delicious Beijing sausage tastes crisp and lightly spicy.

7 Traditional Snacks of Beijing


  Fried Dough Ring (jiāoquān)焦圈


  Looking like a brown bracelet outside, the main ingredients of a fried dough ring are flour and salt. It is an ancient snack in Beijing, and the locals always eat it with soybean juice, or wrap it in a thin pancake.


  Because the too complicated making processes and the low profit, many snack shops do not serve this traditional Beijing street snack any more, so fried dough ring has been disappearing from streets for some time.


  The tried dough ring is a high-calorie food, so you just have a try while not eat too much.

7 Traditional Snacks of Beijing


  Fresh Ground Mung Bean Juice (dòuzhī)豆汁


  Popular in spring and winter, the grayish-green fresh ground mung bean juice tastes slightly sour and sweet. It is usually eaten together with fried dough rings, fried dough twists, and spicy pickles.


  The locals in Beijing really appreciate drinking it, while if it is your first time to taste bean juice, you might not get used to its flavor. However, pushing yourself to try it twice, you will fall in love with it.

7 Traditional Snacks of Beijing


  Tea Soup (chátāng)茶汤


  Beijing tea soup is also called Dragon Tea (龙茶) because the teapot for making it has a dragon-headed spout.


  The processes of making a bowl of tea soup involve real skills. Some millet flour (or lotus root starch) and hot water are mixed well in a bowl, and then boiling water is poured rapidly into the bowl using a teapot with a spout. The tea soup is brewed, and finally some brown sugar, sweet osmanthus sauce, peanuts, and raisins are added.

7 Traditional Snacks of Beijing


  Rolling Donkeys (Glutinous Rice Rolls with Sweet Bean Flour) 驴打滚儿 lǘdǎgǔnr


  Rolling donkeys are glutinous rice rolls with sweet bean flour, one of the most established Beijing snacks, made of soybean flour mainly. The skin of a "rolling donkey" is yellow, so it looks like a donkey rolling about on the ground and kicking up a cloud of dust. It tastes sweet and sticky, with about three layers of sweet bean paste.

7 Traditional Snacks of Beijing

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