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Beijing Nanyuan Airport and Daxing International Airport

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Beijing Nanyuan Airport


  Beijing Nanyuan Airport is not only a military base but also the secondary airport of Beijing. Located in Fengtai District, 3 kilometers south of the Fourth Ring Road and 13 kilometers from Tiananmen Square, it was first opened in 1910, making it the oldest airport in China. It is the main hub of China United Airlines.


  Nanyuan Airport opened a new terminal in September 2013 which was designed to handle a capacity of 6 million passengers. The previous terminal was capable of handling 2.8 million passengers during 2011.


  The main airlines in this airport is China United Airlines and its destinations including: Anshun, Arxan, Baotou, Bayannur, Bijie, Changzhi, Chengdu, Chifeng, Chizhou, Dalian, Datong, Foshan, Fuyang, Guangzhou, Haikou, Hailar, Harbin, Hengyang, Hohhot, Huangshan, Huizhou, Jiayuguan, Jinchang, Kunming, Lanzhou, Lianyungang, Linyi, Manzhouli, Nanyang, Ningbo, Ordos, Qingyang, Qiqihar, Quzhou, Sanya, Shanghai–Hongqiao, Shanghai–Pudong, Shenzhen, Tongliao, Ulanhot, Wenzhou, Xiamen, Xiangyang, Xilinhot, Xingyi, Yan'an, Yichun, Yulin, and Zhoushan.


  An airport bus service is available from the Air China Building at Xidan in Beijing's city centre, whose fare is RMB18 one-way.


  There is no subway connection; the airport lies south of Dahongmen Station on the southern section of Line 10, Beijing Subway, the outer loop line, and also between Gongyixiqiao Station to the west and Xiaohongmen Station to the East. The distance is 10 kilometers by road, about 20 minutes by taxi, from Dahongmen or Gongyixiqiao.


  Nanyuan Airport will close down once Daxing International Airport completes its construction.

Beijing Nanyuan Airport


  Beijing Daxing International Airport


  To meet the rising demand for air transportation, a new airport is constructing now which estimated to finish in September 2019, whose name has not been made official yet.


  The new airport is in South Beijing’s Daxing district, which borders Hebei province and near Tianjin city. It is 46 kilometers from downtown Tiananmen Square and 20 kilometers from the current capital international airport.


  The estimated cost of construction is at least 70 billion RMB (US$11.2 billion), which is the most expensive investment in civil aviation industry. It will hold a capacity of handling 75 million passengers and 620,000 flights by 2025.


  The airport will cover an area of 2,680 hectares (6,600 acres). A new rapid transit line is planned that will connect the airport to Beijing South Railway Station with a journey time of 30 minutes. All flights from Beijing Nanyuan Airport, which is currently only used by China United Airlines, will be transferred to Daxing.


  It was stated that it would consist of 7 runways, 6 for civilian use and 1 for military purposes.

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