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Beijing International Tourism Expo 2016

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  Destinations' Presentation Sessions


  Exhibitors can leverage on this focused and targeted platform conduct in-depth showcases of their destinations and travel products to interested buyers and trade professionals.


  Buyers – Sellers Meeting Sessions


  An intensive business-to-business networking platform for exhibitors and buyers to interact with one another face-to-face, exhibitors can grasp the opportunity to meet with trade buyers to explore lucrative business partnerships in a more conducive environment. Our buyer recruitment team utilizes an extensive database of tourism trade buyer details to perform detailed selections to find the most suitable pairings between buyers and our exhibitors.

Beijing International Tourism Expo 2016


  On-site Activities and Performances



  Stage: The stage area is the perfect venue for exhibitors to showcase their destinations, travel packages and cultures through interesting performances, presentations and theme activities.


  Networking functions: Our various networking functions are the perfect venues for exhibitors to network and socialize with local travel and tourism professionals in a relaxed environment. A perfect opportunity for local and international industry players and professionals to interact and establish work relationships!


  Other exciting on-site events and activities such as travel product auctions, group mega purchases, instant purchases, Q&A and lucky draws will create hype and draw public attention to exhibitors’ products and destinations too!


  Industry Forum and Seminars


  Educational forums, meetings and seminars for industry trade visitors and buyers will also be conducted during the event. Participants can take advantage of these value-added platforms to better tailor their tourism products and destinations towards targeted audiences, to extend business leads and network with potential business partners and alliance.

Beijing International Tourism Expo 2016

The Imperial Gardens