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Plan Your Perfect Imperial Gardens Tour

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Full day imperial gardens excursion from the Summer Palace to the Old Summer Palace (Yuanmingyuan).


  The Summer Palace is the best-preserved imperial garden in China.


  Address: No. 19, Xin-jian-gong-men Road, Haidian District, Beijing.


  Yuanmingyuan, which is extolled as the "Garden of Gardens", used to be an imperial summer palace for the imperial family.


  Address: No.28, Qinghua Xilu, Haidian District.




  8:00 Wake up and eat, get ready and head to the Summer Palace.


  Ticket: 30 yuan for main entrance and 60 yuan for thorough tickets(enter Tower of Buddhist Incense, Suzhou Street) in busy season; 20 yuan and 50 yuan for all pass in off season.


  Transportation: take buses No. 209, 330, 331, 332, 346, 394, 712, 718, 726, 732, 696, 683, 801, 808, 817, 826, arrive at Yiheyuan Donggongmen (East Gate);


  Or No. 303, 330, 331, 346, 375, 384, 393, 634, 716, 718, 696, 683, 801, 808, 817, 834, and T5, arrive at Yiheyuan beigongmen (North Gate);


  8:30 Arrive at the Summer Palace. Explore this must-see attraction for about 3 to 4 hours.


  Tour route:


  Entering from the East Gate:


  East Gate – Hall of Benevolence and LongevityGarden of Virtuous Harmony – Hall of Jade Ripples – Chamber of Mortal Beings – Hall of Happiness and Longevity – Yaoyue (Inviting the Moon) Gate – Long CorridorKunming LakeHall of Dispelling CloudsTower of Buddhist IncenseSuzhouqiao Street – North Gate


  Entering from the North Gate:


  North Gate – Suzhou Street – Marble Boat – Long Corridor – Hall of Dispelling Clouds – Tower of Buddhist Incense – Hall of Happiness and Longevity – Garden of Virtuous Harmony – Gallery of Literary Prosperity – Hall of Benevolence and Longevity – East Gate


  11:50 Have lunch


  Restaurant info:


  Xibei You Mian Village (the Summer Palace branch)


  Address: 84 A Sanchakou, Qinglongqiao, Haidian District, Beijing (opposite to the north gate of the Summer Palace)


  Contact number: 010-62862150 62862151


  Xibei Catering entered Beijing in June 1999, bringing time-honored, green healthy oat noodles, nature folk dishes of unique features in northwest China, full-bodied culture of the Mongolia and regional culture in northwest China, decorative style of tradition in combination with fashion and thoughtful first-rate service to widespread consumers.


  Tingliguan Restaurant


  Address: Inside the Summer Palace, Kunming Lake South Road, Haidian District, Beijing


  Contact number: 010-62881955 62882504


  Tingliguan Restaurant is located within the Summer Palace, a world-famous imperial palace. It was an important place for enjoying the music and amusement at that time, gaining the name of "Tingliguan" for the euphonic and pleasant tweet of the yellowbird. The plaque was written by Empress Cixi. Tingliguan is a famous restaurant catering imperial cuisine. Through exploration, sorting and creative efforts on the basis of recipe of the imperial kitchen in the Summer Palace for many years, it has launched Manchu Han Imperial Feast (combining Manchurian and Chinese delicacies), Longevity Feast (catering for birthday dinner), Happiness-affluence-longevity-joy Feast that stands for all the best, Prolong Life Feast stressing nutrition and health care, Whole Fish Feast, Whole Quail Feast and various nourishing medicinal diets with different functions, and a traditional feast of eating a live big carp in Kunming Lake, making guests marvel.




  13:30 Head northeast to the Old Summer Palace

the old summer palace, travel beijing.


  14:00 Arrive at the Old Summer Palace (Yuanmingyuan), allow yourself at least three hours to wander around in Yuanmingyuan.


  Entry ticket: 10 yuan; extra 15 yuan for the palace ruins.


  Transportation: Walk to the bus station of Beigongmen, and then take line 4 to get off at the northwest gate of Yuanmingyuan.


  17:00 End of tour



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