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How to Keep Healthy During “Light Heat”

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Basically falls in July, light heat is the 11th of the 24 solar terms in the Chinese lunar calendar. Just like its name, during light heat time, the weather started to hot, but has not yet reach on the pole.


  Before and after slight heat, the temperature is close to 30 degrees. Because of the beginning of heat wave, people start to feel upset and tired.

How to Keep Healthy During “Light Heat”


  Then, how to keep Healthy during this time?


  Firstly, "yangxin" is the key to health. That means, we should attach great importance to the protection of the five Zang-organs, especially the heart, as heart is the king of our insides bodies and the master of the five Zang-organs’ function.


  People’s activities have close relationship with internal organs, which have certain regularity. Different stimulation will produce different pathological changes, and thus hurt them.


  Hence, to keep in good health, Doctors of traditional Chinese medicine advocate a "flat" motion and action, which means not do or say in extreme way under any circumstances. To keep joy, since it can relieve tension and make feel better blood gentle.


  A balanced diet, not picky eaters.


  Summer season is easily to get disease, the best way to keep wealthy is to has a balanced diet while not picky. Partial addicted is one of the causes of malnutrition, if taste some food for a long time, can make the viscera function partial tide, the passage of time can damage internal organs and disease.


  Such as the partial salty, can make blood stagnate and complexion; Eating the bitter taste, can make the skin is dry, hair fall off; Feed more flavor, can make the ribs that detained, onyx bent; Eating sour taste, can make skin thicker shrink, lips dry and thin; Eating grape, bone pain, hair loss.


  In addition, in the case of a loss of appetite, people should not be forced to eat: not thirsty drink, the stomach bilges; not hungry eat, the spleen pain. That is to say, don't eat too much when very hungry; don’t drink too much when very thirsty.


  Insist to take a moderate amount of exercises.


  In summer, as the temperature, people are easily to feel tired and lose motivation in the work. During these periods, taking appropriate exercise becomes extremely important, as the fresh of body can bring together the motivation of mind. While to remember, do not exercise beyond your physical ability, otherwise, it will becomes the opposite to what we wished!


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  Purple Bamboo Park

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