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Chinese Solar Terms: The Beginning of Autumn

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The beginning of autumn is one of the 24 terms of China lunar calendar, which is a couple of days anterior to or posterior to each July (August 7 to 9 according to the new solar calendar). Traditionally, the beginning of autumn signifies the start of autumn, forcasting the advent of cool weather and the disappearance of the summer heat.


  Every year, the sun returns from North Tropic of Cancer towards the south, when it reaches the visual celestial longitude 135 degree, the time knot is called a beginning of the autumn.


  Monthly Chronological Terms of the 72 Weather Collection: "The term of July, about the understanding of Li from Li Qiu (the beginning of autumn), you can refer to the term of the beginning of Spring, which similarly means the start, or the beginning of the Autumn, holding tight, or seizing. The biological matters will hold tight from here on." The beginning of autumn, generally indicates, a hot weather will pass and the autumn will descend. The summer heat is still difficult to dispel even when it enters autumn.

Chinese Solar Terms Autumn


  There is still the "tailing threat of overheat" called Autumn Tiger. The beginning of autumn is also called capping autumn. However, the general trend is still that the weather is becoming cool gradually. For the weather of the entire China varies, the beginning of autumn for each area also varies.


  In climatology, when the daily temperature average of every five days descends to below 22 centigrade, it is taken as the start of autumn. This demarcation method is suitable to the actuality of each area, however, it differs greatly with the date for the beginning of autumn at the middle and downstream of Yellow River.


  After the beginning of autumn, middle zone of China begins to harvest early rice and plant and transplant late rice. Land for growing field crops enters a key germination and development period. The ancient people took the beginning of autumn as a critical moment in the turning of summer and autumn and had been emphasizing this time knot all the time.


  In Song Dynasty, the imperial palace would move the basin-cultivated parasol tree into the palace. When the time knot of the beginning of autumn arrives, the imperial officer in charge of the imperial history will declare loudly: "The autumn comes." On the completion of the declaration, the parasol tree will echoed by dropping one leave or two, implying its willingness to repay autumn.

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