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Legend of Zhen Huan

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Few people in china haven’t heard of the famous TV series legend of zhen huan.


  Directed by Zheng Xiaolong ,mainly performed by famous movie star Sun Li and Chen Jianbin, "Legend of Zhen Huan" has been praised as one of the best historical dramas in the Chinese mainland in recent years.


  Now, the series have been translated into English and broad overseas and are also very popular there.

Zhen Huan


  The series is adapted from a novel of the same name by Liu Lianzi, and the story centers on the schemes between Emperor Yongzheng's concubines in the imperial palace during the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911).


  Zhen Huan, originally a very pure and innocent young girl, was chosen for the emperor's harem when she was 17 year’s old. After entering the palace, she was soon favored my emperor yongzheng because of her beauty and wisdom. At the same time, the empress and other concubines were jealous of her and tried all the ways to kill her.


  Firstly, she believes all the beautiful things in the world: the true love, the faithful friendship, the wonderful life and the bright future. However, after a series betrayal and persecution as well as great ups and downs in her life, she becomes very disappointed about love and friendship.


  She becomes more and more clear that the palace is actually a cruel and harsh place. Since she is always in a very dangerous position, Zhen has to learn to survive on her own, sometimes by unscrupulous methods.


  Through the thrilling story, audiences can not only enjoy the great performance of the actors, but also learn about a great number of ancient Chinese poetry, wardrobes, court etiquettes, and herbal medicine. The show also features many refined dialogues that become trending quotes among its followers on the internet. Such as: “emperor, me concubine can’t do it!”


  Some viewers have also begun using the story to allude to the present and describe the schemes and trickery between rivals in the palace as "a treasured book for survival in today's professional world." They study and learn many ways and stratagems to use in their workplace.


  Psychological experts disagreed, saying that, actually we are in modern society, and our competition is a benign one but not live or die. Violent infighting is not a characteristic in modern workplaces.


  From this, we can see clearly how popular the Legend of Zhen Huan is. Hence, if you are travelling in china, when you are resting on the bed in hotel, you may turn on the TV and enjoy this series, you will never be disappointed about it!

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