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To the Old Summer Palace

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You were the most beautiful garden in the nature,


One of the most famous wonders in human history of architecture,


With the style of east and west the Palace was full of luxury decoration.


The towering buildings were of beautiful and magnificent fascination.


Rare jewels, rare corals and rare agates were collected in the palace,


Gold and silver ornaments, porcelains and carving accessories in grace,


Rare antiques and the most valuable things of the world in the collection,


There were rarest copies of books and precious paintings in accumulation,


In the garden in the artificial lakes blue waves were rippling,


There were pavilions, terraces and the decorated boats in the misting,


Flowers bloomed in four seasons and in the colors of brilliance,


Singing in dawns and dusks the rare birds twittered in elegance.


But the allied forces of Anglo-French plundered you in humiliating,


Committed the most heinous crimes and robbed of everything,


They even committed arson and burned down the beautiful palace,


After the calamity for civilization only left broken walls in disgrace.


The residual stones of Great Fountain Ruins are recounting the shame,


The headless twelve animals of the Chinese Zodiac show the defame,


The grass and weeds covered soil cannot tell you the old splendour,


Jackdaws sadly wail full of the wilderness without any grandeur.


You are irrefutable evidence of the crimes in humility,


You are the exhibition of trampling civilization with atrocity,


You are also the textbook that the lagged will be beaten ever,


Let everyone who pondered here feels sad with anger!


Old Summer Palace, with trauma and sorrow,


Telling the history, and beckoning tomorrow...

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