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Best Hotel to Appreciate the Beauty of the Fragrant Hills

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The Fragrant Hills is a public park at the foot of the Western Mountains in the Haidian District, and located in the northwestern part of Beijing, China.


  It consists of a natural pine-cypress forest, hills with maple trees, smoke trees and persimmon trees, as well as landscaped areas with traditional architecture and cultural relics.


  Covering a total area of 160 hectares, it is a large forest park with the characteristics of imperial gardens in which natural landscape is combined with artificial scenery.


  Because of such beautiful scenery and the fresh air, many tourists think it is not enough to stay here just one day, while they don’t want to waste time on the road.


  The night sight of the fragrant hills has a special character: tranquil atmosphere, no crowded people, extremely fresh air… How can we experience such scenery?


  On the mountaintop, watching the sun rises bit by bit is another enjoyment for people, while it is not easy to get up so early. How can we satisfy such desire?


  Then, here comes the answer! The BTG Fragrant Hill Hotel can easily settle all your troubles.

BTG Fragrant Hill Hotel


  BTG Fragrant Hill Hotel, designed by the world famous Chinese-American architect Leoh Ming Pei, is a comprehensive four-star hotel which integrates Chinese classical architectural, garden and environmental arts. The hotel is located inside the Fragrant Hills Park. Staying at the hotel, you will enjoy the beautiful scenery and breathe fresh air.


  BTG Fragrant Hill Hotel has unique features. It is located against the steep hillside, and stretches in different directions in this area. Inside the hotel there are 18 attractions, including rockeries, lakes, grass, flowers and trees, which all have a harmonious relationship with the main building with while walls and grey tiles.


  The hotel offers 285 guestrooms of different types, equipped with broadband internet. The hotel has 500 beds, and each guestroom is clean and tidy and also fully-equipped. Within the hotel different kinds of Chinese and Western restaurants, a coffee bar, a market, and a business center are also provided. In the entertainment center, bowling, shuffleboard, a swimming pool, sauna, massage, a beauty salon, billiards, chess, fitness equipment, karaoke and others are available.

BTG Fragrant Hill Hotel


  Phone: 010-62591166


  Address: (Inside the Fragrant Hills Park) No. 40 Maimai Street, Haidian District, Beijing 北京市海淀区买卖街40号 (香山公园内)

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