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2016 Fenghuangling Ourdoor Sport Meeting

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  Covering an area about 15.33 square kilometers (nearly 3,800 acres), the Phoenix Hill (Fenghuangling in Chinese) Nature Park is a national AA scenic spot. It is located inside the West Hill Farm of Sujiatuo in Haidian District, Beijing. It is 30 kilometers (more than 18 miles) from central Beijing.


  The Nature Park is a well-conserved ecological erea. Beautiful natural scenery and historical relics combine to form this park. With the green hills, limpid water, clean air and proper air humidity, it is reputed as the lung of Beijing City, together with the Little Huangshan Mountain, west of Beijing.


  So as to popularize outdoor sports, Supported by Fenghuangling Nature Park, GORE-TEX, LeTv Sport, Luosiding Parent-Child Travel Agency, and Aijiangshan cross-country race, this year’s Fenghuanglin Nature Park Ourdoor Sport Convention will be held during July 9th – August 8th.

The 2016 Fenghuanglin Nature Park Ourdoor Sport Meeting


  The whole convention includes over 10 different entertaining activities:


  1. Cross-country Racing


  2. Uphill bycicle challenge


  3. Parent-Child outing


  4. Outdoor Forum


  5. Camp out under the stars


  6. Night running at Fenghuangling Nature Park


  7. Rock climbing & ropeway challenge


  8. Starlight playground (basketball, tennis and foodball court)


  9. Outdoor equipment exhibition


  10. Outdoor movie


  11. Outdoor Barbecue

The 2016 Fenghuanglin Nature Park Ourdoor Sport Meeting


  Tips:Some of the activities need to sign up in advance


  For more detals & Sign Up, please call: 010-62455933, 62459492

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