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Appreciate Lotus Flowers in Beijing's Haidian District

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  The San Fu Tian (dog days in chinese lunar calendar) is coming! Now it's the perfect time to appreciate some beautiful lotus flowers.Check out the following tips on your 2016 Beijing Lotus applreciating trip!

Appreciate Lotus Flowers in Beijing's Haidian District


  Summer Palace


  Appreciating lotus in the biggest imperial garden must be an amazing experience! Walking from the west bank of Kunming Lake to Xidi, you will feel you entered into a world a lotus!


  Address: No. 19 Xinjiangongmen Lu, Haidian District


  Transportation: Take Bus No. 209, 330, 331, 332, 346, 394, 712, 718, 726, 732, 696, 683, 801, 808, 817, 826 to Summer Palace or take Line 4 to Beigongmen Station

the Summer Palace lotus flower beijing


  Yuanmingyuan Park (Old Summer Palace)


  There are wooden paths among waters to ensure visitors can have a good look at these beautiful lotus.


  Address: No. 28 Qinghua Xilu, Haidian District


  Transportation: Take Bus No. 320, 331, 432, 438, 498, 580, 664, 690, 696, 697 to Yuanmingyuan Qichunyuan Gate, or take Bus No. 656, 681, 717, 982 to the east gate of Changchunyuan.

old summer palace lotus flower festival


  Yuyuantan Park


  Yuyuantan Park is one of the top 11 parks in Beijing, covering an area of 136.69 hectares, 61 hectares of which are occupied by water. The idyllic city park consists of the Cherry Blossom Garden in the west, Yinshui Lake in the north, Zhongshan Isle in the south, Liuchun Garden in the east and others. One of its specialties is not so much construction work has happened in the park in Beijing history and so this park appears more natural.


  Add: No. 10, Xisanhuan Zhonglu, Haidian District, Beijing 北京市海淀区西三环中路10号


  Recommended touring hours: 6:00 am to 10:00 am


  Getting there: Take Subway Line 1/9, get off at Military Museum (Exit A) and walk 1.1 km north to the park; or take Subway Line 10, get off at Gongzhufen (Exit A) and walk 1.7 km north to the park. Life

lotus flower yuyuantan park


  Source: visitbeijing.com.cn

The Imperial Gardens