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Healthy Tips During the Great Heat Day

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  Great Heat Day is between the middle period of the summer season, and from this day, the temperature will be the highest during the year and the yang-qi come to the climax. This years’ great heat day come at July 22nd, 2016. Then, how to keep healthy in such days?



  Drink more water and Rest for more after work


  During this period, the weather is hot and the rainfall is frequent. The stuffy humid air will invade during such weather days and the hot weather will also do harm to heart, especially for the old, the kids and the people with poor health. They will get heatstroke and lassitude easily result from restlessness.


  According to the weather features, people should rest more after work to avoid fatigue and enough rest and sleep should be promised; at the same time, you should hold the umbrella and wear hats to avoid the exposure to the hot sun in daytime and do not go outside before and after the lunch time if there is no necessary stuff. What’s more, you should reduce the indoor temperature and guarantee enough ventilation. Drink more water to prevent heatstroke and you can also add some salt into the cool drinking water to compensate body salt volume.


  Less cold dish and try to keep a good digestion


  There is an old saying goes “summer air is full of wet air”, as the air is more humid and you will feel the air is wet in this season. Such kind of air will do harm to breath system and the yang-qi in body. And it also will affect the digestion, causing malfunction for digestion.


  During this period, the food is easy to get rot and you should pay attention to food hygiene. The wet air in summer will affect the digestion, so you should eat more food which is beneficial for digestion and dehumidification, such as watermelon, cucumber, mung bean, red bean, pearl barley and so on. There are also other spice for body care and dehumidification, such as agastache leaves, mint leaves, eupatorium and so on.


  People like to drink cold beverage in hot summer, while this is not a good habit, as in order to be suitable for the weather, people’s body is under the condition that “strong outside while weak inside”. In addition, the skin tissue is loose and the sweat is more.


  In the hot weather, our bodies will appear the features that the yang-qi explodes outside too much and the yang-qi inside get shortage. At that time, if you eat much cold food to prevent heatstroke, you will get much more yin-qi inside your body. So, you should pay attention to the stomach protection to avoid the yang-qi damage.


  Moxibustion for half an hour everyday to protect body and care stomach


  You can also do the body care by moxibustion in Great Heat Day. During this period, moxibustion is mainly for stomach care. Acupuncture in foot-yangming, yangming acupoint to do the stomach care and humidification preventing all kinds of digestion system disease and feminine diseases and other synthetic fatigue.


  People who have poor stomach and body can acupuncture the guanyuan, shanzhong acupoint, and they can also acupuncture stomach, kidney acupoint in foot sun bladder meridian, and zusanli in foot yangming stomach meridian, and yinlingquan acupoint in foot taiyin stomach meridian. And each acupoint is for 20-30 minutes.

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