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5 Bests of the Summer Palace

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  The Summer Palace is located on the northwest outskirts of Beijing's Haidian district, about 20 kilometers away from the center of the city. It is a very famous scenic spots which boasts 5 bests for tourists to enjoy.


  The Best Preserved Imperial Garden


  The Summer Palace is formed mainly of Longevity Hill and Kunming Lake with a total area of over 290 hectares. In 1992, the Summer Palace was appraised as the most perfectly preserved imperial garden in the world and one of the largest of its kind still in existence in china today. It also owns the richest man-made scenery and most concentrated architecture in the world.

5 Bests of the Summer Palace


  The Largest Pavilion


  The Spacious Pavilion (Kuoruting廓如亭)at The Summer Palace, commonly known as Bafang Pavilion, was built during the Qianlong period. Covering a total area of 140-plus square meters, the pavilion is circled three loops by 24 columns and 16 pillars inside and outside. With a double-hipped roof, the form of pavilion is stretch and sedate.


  In Beijing, this pavilion is the largest one, and meanwhile, it is the best existing building among domestic similar ones.

5 Bests of the Summer Palace


  The Longest Bridge


  Built in 1750 during Emperor Qianlong’s reign, the Seventeen-Arches Bridge has 150-meter’s long and links the east bank and south lake island. It is the longest bridge in any Chinese imperial garden. Over 500 stone lions in different poses were carved on the posts of the bridge’s railings. Four strange animals, strong and powerful, were carved at both ends of the bridge.

5 Bests of the Summer Palace


  The Largest Theatre Building


  The Great Theatre Building is a three- story structure with upturned eaves. It is 21 meters high and 17 meters wide, and the largest one among the three big theatres built in the Qing Dynasty. Performances could be staged simultaneously on three levels.


  The top one was a symbol of happiness, the middle was the emolument level, and the bottom stage was the longevity stage. The stage was open on three sides so that the high-ranking officials, sitting along the gallery, could enjoy watching Peking Opera when Empress Dowager Cixi had performances here.

5 Bests of the Summer Palace


  The Longest Corridor


  The Long Corridor starts from the gate of greeting the moon (Yaoyuemen) in the east, and ends near the pavilion of Mr. Stone, somewhere near the marble boat in the west. It is 728 meters long with 273 sections, so it is popularly known as “long corridor”. It is the longest, biggest and most famous one in china and even in the world.


  In 1900, the Long Corridor was listed in the “Guinness World Records” as the longest painted corridor in the world, and in 1998, it was listed as a world cultural heritage site by UNESCO.

5 Bests of the Summer Palace

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