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Beijing Shopping Tips: Famous Time-honored Brand Shops

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  Beijing has been as a capital of China for more than 800 years. So the economy of this city has been prosperous since a long time ago. There are many shops that inherit the old essence of the original opening time. They are called time-honored brand shops for they have a long history. This article will introduce some famous time-honored brand shops in Beijing for you to buy special local products. They are publicly recognized by most of people...


  Tong Ren Tang


  Tong Ren Tang has lots of  subbranch all over China, but the head shop is located in Congwen District, Qianmen East Street. Beijing Tongrentang is a time-honored shop that is famous for selling Chinese pills and medicinal pastes. Visitors can all kinds of authentic traditional Chinese medicine here. But the price might be a little bit expensive than other places.

beijing tong ren tang 北京同仁堂


  Nei Lian Sheng Shoe Shop


  Nei Lian Sheng Shoe Shop is famous for producing cotton cloth shoes at home and abroad. It is the largest handmade cloth shoes production enterprise in the country. It is located in 34 Dashilan Street, Xicheng District.



  Zhang Yi Yuan Tea Shop


  Zhang Yi Yuan Tea Shop is a time honored brand shop that specializes in the tea. There are a lot of kinds of costly and slap-up tea in the shop, including green tea, red tea, and different scented tea, etc. the jasmine tea is especially famous for its finest raw materials and adopting unique processing technology. It is deeply welcomed by domestic and foreign customers, making Zhang Yi Yuan Tea Shop renowned at home and abroad.



  Rui Fu Xiang Silk Shop


  The century-old Rui Fu Xiang is the most silk shop in Beijing. It was especially famous for customizing an authentic traditional cheongsam for customers. The shop was originally built in 1893 by Meng Hongsheng. The clothing here includes silk, wool, cotton cloth, leather goods, chemical fiber, ethnic clothing accessories, etc. It is located in 5 Dashilan Street, Xicheng Street.

Rui Fu Xiang Silk Shop 北京瑞蚨祥


  Ma Ju Yuan Hat Shop


  Located in 8, Dashilan Street, Xicheng District Beijing, Ma Ju Yuan Shop is predominantly selling hats. It is a prestigious time-honored brand shop in Beijing. One can be recognized as a rich man if he or she has a hat that is made by Ma Ju Yuan Hat Shop. It was originally built in 1817 and has a history of nearly 200 years. The hat it produces is famous for elegant materials, fine workmanship, authenticity, complete variety and different kinds of design and color in the world.

Ma Ju Yuan Hat Shop 马聚源帽子 北京


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