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5 Recommended Chinese Delicacies in Autumn Season

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  This year's Autumn begins at August 7th, which is the first chinese solar term of autumn. From this day on, the weather becomes cooler and the daytime becomes shorter. There is an tradition in China called "stick autumn fat" during that day.


  In ancient times, it is said that being fat and thin was the only standard for health. People have to think of ways to recover their health when they are thin.


  The way to "recover health" is to "stick autumn fat". To "stick autumn fat", meat should be second to none. Stewed meat, such as braised pork shoulder with soy sauce, sauced beef, braised mutton with soy sauce and stewed chicken and ducks are often selected as ingredients to “stick autumn fat”.

5 Recommended Delicacies in Autumn Season


  Here are five classical delicacies recommended as ingredients to "stick autumn fat", recommened by beijing-haidian.com, your official Haidian District guide.


  Braised Pork Shoulder with Soy Sauce


  Braised pork shoulder with soy sauce is a traditional Chinese dish and is very nutritious with good appearance and flavor. Tian Fu Hao’s braised pork shoulder with soy sauce is very popular.

Braised Pork Shoulder with Soy Sauce


  Pork Head Meat


  The pork head meat in Liuhe District, Nanjing is very popular and is one of the features of Liuhe District. It is said that it has been very famous since Late Qing Dynasty. Local pigs are used. The pig head meat is made under the processes of de-hairing, draining all blood, being salted in old brine, boiled with a high-temperature fire and stewing in slow fire.



  Roast Duck


  It is an imperial dish. Beijing ducks are famous for its tender meat, tasty flavor and nutrition. It works in helping people soften the heart and head blood vessel. The duck skin contains quantities of collagen, which is a very good cosmetic delicacy.

roast duck beijing


  Sauced Beef


  Sauced beef works in helping people invigorate spleen-stomach and replenish qi, nourish the spleen and stomach, strengthen bones and muscles, reduce phlegm and quench one’s thirst.

Sauced Beef


  Braised Mutton with Soy Sauce


  Braised mutton with soy sauce is a very popular dish in Baikui Restaurant. Baikui was established in the 45th year during the reign of Emperor Qianlong in Qing Dynasty and was originally called Dongchangshun. As the braised mutton with soy sauce is very popular, customers gradually named the restaurant Baikui.

 Braised Mutton with Soy Sauce


  The Origin of "Stick Autumn Fat"


  In the ancient times, there were many customs during the solar terms, most of were related to eating and preventing disease. Food is the paramount necessity of the people and eating becomes very important in the important beginning of autumn. So there will be customs to "stick autumn fat", which is very popular in Beijing and Hebei Province.


  Apart from "stick autumn fat" during the beiginning of autumn, there is another custom named "bite the autumn". People believed that eating melons can avoid diarrhea during winter and spring, which was recorded in the works of Zhangtao in Qing Dynasty.


  What Other Food Will People Eat to "Stick Autumn Fat"?


  Lily: it helps tonify lung, ease mental anxiety and remove fatigue.


  Lotus seed: it helps relieve summer heat and strengthen the body.


  White hyacinth bean: it helps strengthen the spleen and stomach and increase appetite.

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