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Authentic Peking-style Hot Pot: Kou Fu Ju Restaurant

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  Kou Fu Ju Restaurant of Beijing is a great place for Peking-style hot-pot.


  The restaurant specializes in quick-boiled mutton slices and the fatty beef is also worth trying. Using imported Australian beef, this dish is meticulously prepared and has a flavor all its own-rich, mellow and not too oily.


  Choose from a variety of quick-boiled or raw meat slices, including pork, fatty beef, chicken and lamb along with fresh vegetables like mushrooms, sweet potatoes, cabbage, etc that are added to a spicy broth and served in a communal pot. The flavors are rich and the single pot placed in the center of the dinner table is shared by everyone, hot-pot is best savored with family and friends.

Authentic Peking-style Hot Pot Kou Fu Ju Restaurant


  Review on Tripadvisor


  Best meal in Beijing! We were in Beijing for a week and had many memorable meals, including Peking duck. But this was our favorite meal. Not a fancy restaurant but the flavor was amazing. This is a traditional hot pot style restaurant. We had shrimp, beef, veggies and fresh noodles. There were a ton of shrimp and they were quite large. Great value and the proprietors were extremely nice.

Authentic Peking-style Hot Pot: Kou Fu Ju Restaurant


  Specialties: Beijing-flavored quick mutton slices, fatty beef specialty, venison.


  Average cost per person: 50-80 RMB


  Business hours: 9:30am-10-30pm


  Address: No.29, Zhi Chun Rd, Haidian District


  Tel: 010-82355888 010-82356888

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