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A Hot Pot Restaurant Full of Happy Elements

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  Happy Hot Pot mainly engaged in Sichuan hot pot. Combining the north boiled meat with fashion hot pot, it’s an emerging hot pot restaurant. Just like its name, the hot pot is full of happy elements. When you come to the restaurant, it will bring you a happy and comfortable dining experience all the way. What provided by the common dining is a totally unique feeling.

Happy Hot Pot


  Located in Zhichun Road Ⅰ No.20, Haidian District, Beijing, Happy Hot Pot has been in operation for only 6 months, however, it develops rapidly. Searching it on the internet, you can easily find that plenty of customers have shared their experience on Microblog, and praised it. However, the boss is modest, he said that “I’m so happy that the customers are satisfied with the hot pot”. With simple words, we can still feel the wisdom and profound meaning of the boss.

Happy Hot Pot


  The Happy Hot Pot is famous for the dish Happy Bag, which is packed with seafood, and outside the seafood is something like tofu skin. It tastes fresh and tender. In addition, the seafood is delicious in taste, which has a boundless good flavor.

Happy Hot Pot


  Without too much tendon and fat meat, the Tender Beef is soft and Easy to digest. The meat is delicate, and the fat meat are well distributed, thus there is no fishy taste. Meanwhile, you can taste the flavor of beef tallow. The beef is smooth, tasty and soft. With just one bite, your can feel that it is fat but not greasy.

Happy Hot Pot


  Here we particularly recommend Duck Blood Curds, it’s fresh and odor free. Meanwhile, It can melt in your mouth easily.

Happy Hot Pot


  Fish Balls with Cheese, when chewing the cheese and fresh fish, it’s really amazing. In addition, the Mashed Shrimp Wah tastes good and you can even chew its fiber.

Happy Hot Pot


  A great number of customers have meals here everyday. However, there are some fruits and melon seeds for the customers who are waiting for a table. The restaurant also provides various chess and games. Thus you won’t be boring when waiting. What’s more,if you have waited for more than half an our, the restaurant will give you some gifts.


  Recommended dishes: Happy Bags, Tender Beef, Fresh Mutton Slices, Furong Duck Blood Curds, Mashed Shrimp Wah, Syrup of Plum


  General Condition: attentive service, spacious, bright and uncrowded environment


  Average Spend: ¥93


  Address: Zhichun Road Ⅰ No.20, Haidian District, Beijing(nearby the China Medicine Tower)


  Phone Number: (010)82356062,(010)82356712

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