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Haidian District of Beijing

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  Beijing Haidian district situated towards the northwestern side of the greater urban area of Beijing City. Haidian district is located in the northwest of beijing city. With its beautiful mountains and clear waters, Haidian district becomes one of the most famous nature scenic spot in China. The Imperial Garden is a testimony to the luxurious lifestyle of the feudal emperor. Haidian district also represents an apex in the development of Chinese landscape gardening in terms of scale, layout, craftsmanship and artistic elegance.



The seventen-arch bridge at Haidian district's Summer Palace


  Haidian district is the second-largest district in urban Beijing with 431 square km in area, home to most universities where many of its inhabitants are college students. As a result, the district is often referred to as the "University District" by English speakers living in Beijing. And Haidian district is famous for its educational background all over China as well.

Tsinghua university 清华大学


Tsinghua university


  The most famous travel spots and tourist attractions in Haidian district include: Summer Palace, Old Summer Palace, Dajue Temple, Zhongguancun, Peking University, Tsinghua University, Fragrant Hills, and more well-know universities.



The fragrant hills park


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The Imperial Gardens