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Feelings on the Ancient Buildings in Beijing

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  Haidian District boasts a lot of historical relics, some located in the tourist areas and some scattered among various villages. Although we cannot set foot in all of them, we still have intense longing for these relics.


  Maha Temple


  Maha Temple is located in Bali Zhuang, Haidian District, and it was built by the eunuch Zhao Zheng in the 25th year of the Emperor Jiajing in Ming Dynasty (1546). It is said that the construction of the Temple used the remaining bricks and woods left in the building of the Forbidden City, hence the whole building is quite exquisite and beautiful.

Feelings on the Ancient Buildings in Beijing


  Dahui Temple


  Dahui Temple is also known as the Buddhist Temple since there is Buddha in the Temple. The Mercy Palace in the temple showcases the arts of architecture, painted sculptures and paintings in the Ming Dynasty and still has a strong artistic charm and ornamental value nowadays.

Dahui Temple


  Jing Ming Garden


  Yuquan Mountain and Jing Ming Garden are important components of the historical and cultural attractions "Three Mountains and Five Gardens" in Haidian District. Jing Ming Garden is located in the east door of Yuquan Mountain and west of Kunming Lake in the Summer Palace.

Feelings on the Ancient Buildings in Beijing


  Diaoyutai and Yangyuan House


  Diaoyutai and Yangyuan House are located within the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse and on the east side of Yuyuantan Park, Haidian District. It was once the fishing place for the Emperor Zhangzong in the Jin Dynasty and earned its name Diaoyutai of the Emperor Zhangzong.

Feelings on the Ancient Buildings in Beijing


  The Caihefang 24th courtyard in Haidian Town


  The Caihefang 24th courtyard is located at the southern end of Caihefang in Haidian District and was built in the Qing Dynasty. It served as one of the three houses for the famous eunuch Li Lianying in Haidian Town.



  Catholic Church in 309 Hospital


  Catholic Church is located in the northwest corner of the 309 Hospital. It is commonly known as the "French House" since it was funded and built by the French missionaries in 1919. It is also known as the "Nine country Church" since missionaries from other nine countries e.g. France, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands preached sermon in the church.



  Xinhai Luanzhou Uprising Memorial Park


  Xinhai Luanzhou Uprising Memorial Park is a memorial tomb relic in early Republic of China period. It is an important historical site and representative building, and is located in Geriatric Hospital (formerly the Chest Hospital) in spa town, Haidian District. The building was built in April 1937 under the command of General Feng Yuxiang in 1936 to commemorate the uprising martyrs.

Feelings on the Ancient Buildings in Beijing

The Imperial Gardens