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Jazz Concert: Whisper on the Lips

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  Organizer: PKU Convention Center & The Beijing International Culture and Art Center


  Performers: Laurent Maur, Emilie Calme, Moreno Donadel


  Venue: PKU Hall (Multifunctional Hall)


  Date: Sep. 29th, 2016 (Thursday)


  Time: 19:00







  Made in france


  Old friend


  Once upon a time in America


  Macadam cowboy




  Les demoiselles de rochefort


  Ballade pour marie no'


  Dolphin dance




  Ne me quittes pas


  Samba do verao


  La flambée montalbanaise


  From Jazz to World, Latin, Cuban, Pop music, Laurent Maur blows his harp and does his best to give emotions and be respectful of black music spirit which has fed him since he was a little child.


  So listen and travel to this country where everything is: “Music, Jazz and Delight...” (P.A OLIEL)


  Laurent Maur (Chromatic Harmonica)


  Born in Paris in 1970, Laurent begins playing at 17 in various blues and rock groups( Peter Kingsbury, Mighty Sam Mac Laine, Adrian Burns). At 22 he discovers jazz music and chooses to follow this unexplored path.


  In 1994 he studies at Paris’s C.I.M. He plays in several groups in Paris and Bordeaux: CBB47( jazz Big Band), Jacob de la Fuente (latin jazz octet), Pierrot et les mal lunés (java rock), Jazz à Padam (swing musette).


  With Toots Thieleman’s encouragements and Do Harson’s incitement, he decides to produce the album <Mano a Mano> featuring Francis Lockwood trio, Jean-Marc Pierna (percussionist), and a string quartet.


  He records at the <Studio Lubans> in December 2001 and in the meantime wins the Trossingen International Harmonica Competition in Germany.


  Laurent is also engaged in Jazz Festivals such as Biarritz,Monsegur, Anderons, Luzst Sauveur, Salon de Provence, Aiguillon, St REMY de Provence, Vaureal and Limoges


  Moreno Donadel (Jazz Piano)


  Italian pianist and composer Moreno started to study piano and accordion at the age of 6 with Mr. Rovro Mariano. Since the age of 9, he has been playing piano, keyboard and accordion in several bands. Graduated from Tartini Musical Conservatory of Trieste and Venezze Musical Conservatory of Rovigo majoring piano performance,Moreno also studied Jazz piano at Dizzy Gillespie Jazz Music School of Bassano del Grappa with Mr. Marcello Tonolo and Jazz theory with Mr. Paolo Birro and music ensemble with Mr. Roberto Beggio.


  While working as an arranger for BMG Recording Company, Moreno played Jazz, Latin and Pop music with world famous musicians such as Lee Konitz, Emi Richard, Enrica Bacchia, Francesco Bearzatti, Alberto Negroni, Enrico Granafei, Michelle Endrix, Mark Murphy, Ares Tavolazzi, Massimo Manzi, Bob Mover, David Boato, etc. In Italy he had a Jazz Trio with bassist Lello Gnesutta and drummer Luca Bortoluzzi.


  Since 1998, he has been living in Beijing, China and teaching Jazz piano at Beijing Contemporary Music Academy. In 1999, he started his own Jazz Trio with Chinese Bassist and guitarist Liu Yue and Japanese drummer Izumi Koga. In 2006, he started a new Jazz band with American singer Jessica Meider, Chinese bassist Da Zhong and Chinese drummer Bei Bei. Since 2007, he goes regularly to Japan to perform with the famous Japanese guitarist Yasutaka Yoshioka.


  Written by: Zhang Jiang; Source: PKU Hall

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