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Popular Mid-Autumn Festival Traditions

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  The Mid-Autumn Festival is the second most important traditional festival in China (the most important one is Chinese New Year). There are many traditional to celebrate this important festival. Read on to see how Chinese people celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is the second most important traditional festival in China


  1. Eating Mooncakes — The Most Representative Tradition


  A mooncake is a traditional Chinese pastry. It is made from wheat flour and sweet stuffing, such as sugar and lotus seed powder. It’s a symbol of family reunion  , and the cake is traditionally cut into pieces that equal the number of people in the family.


  Eating mooncakes is the most common and representative tradition of the day. In ordinary times, people won’t buy or eat mooncakes but during the Mid-Autumn Festival everyone will have a mooncake to celebrate.


  2. Appreciating the Moon — Symbol of Family Reunion  


  In Chinese beliefs, the full moon is the symbol for a family reunion  . Many famous ancient poets wrote poems about the moon and expressed their homesickness. When people look at the moon, it reminds them of their families and homeland.


  Nowadays, people still like appreciating the moon during the Mid-Autumn Festival in China. Chinese family members have dinner together in the evening of the Mid-Autumn Festival. After dinner, they may talk about their work, the children, and their future plans.


  Chinese people like to find the best place that offers a great view of the moon, such as the roof, a balcony, a mountaintop, or a lakeside.


  3. Making Colorful Lanterns — Children’s Favorite Activity


  Making colorful lanterns is a happy activity between families and children. The lanterns have different shapes and can also resemble animals, plants, or flowers.


  Children love making colorful lanterns. They make them in different shapes to be hung in trees or houses, or floated on rivers. Parks will also hang up colorful lanterns, which provide a beautiful view at night.


  They also make Kongming lanterns, which can fly because the burning candles heat the air in the lantern. Children write good wishes on the lanterns and let them fly up into the sky.


  4. Having Dinner Together — Happy Family Reunion   Time


  As the Mid-Autumn Festival represents the reunion   of families, families will have dinner together on that night. People who don’t have time to stay with their parents will try their best to go home to at least have dinner together. Therefore, there can be traffic jams during this festival.

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