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Love Story for the Mid-Autumn Festival: Chang'e and Hou Yi

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  When you Google about the Mid-Autumn Festival, you can see various pictures about this festival. The pictures mostly have a beautiful woman and a bright moon. The woman is dressed in a Chinese ancient fashion and is often stepping on a white cloud. She is Chang’e , the leading lady of this sad love story.

  Chang'e and 后羿 houyi 嫦娥奔月


  How The Story Goes …


  Hou Yi (/ho ee/) was an excellent archer, and Chang'e (/chung-er/) was his wife.


  Long, long ago, there existed 10 suns in the sky. The suns burnt all the plants, the weather was hot as hell. People were parched and dying.


  Hou Yi used his bow and arrows to shoot down nine of them one day, all the people were saved.


  The Queen Mother of the West gave Hou Yi a bottle of elixir which could make him immortal, but the elixir was for one person only. Hou Yi did want to become immortal, but he wanted to stay with Chang'e more. So he didn't drink it and asked Chang'e to keep it safe for him.


  After he shot down the nine suns, Hou Yi got more and more famous. People asked him to be their master and Hou Yi accepted most of them.


  Not every student of Hou Yi had good morality. Pang Meng, one of the students, wanted to steal his elixir.


  Hou Yi took all the students for hunting one day, but Pang Meng (/pung mnng/) pretended to be ill in order to stay at home. After making sure Hou Yi had gone, Pang Meng went to Hou Yi's house and tried forcing Chang'e to give him the elixir. Chang'e couldn't defeat Pang Meng, so she drank the elixir suddenly.


  Chang’e flew higher and higher after drinking the elixir. Finally she stopped on the moon and became immortal.


  Hou Yi was extremely sad after receiving the news. He came back home and placed a table under the moon, putting some food on it and hoping Chang'e could come back. Since then, during the Mid-Autumn Festival, people have offered lots of food to worship the moon.


  Children Still Believe That a Beautiful Lady Lives on the Moon


  Most children in China believe that Chang'e is still living on the moon. They would look up at the bright moon on the night of the Mid-Autumn Festival, trying to find the shape of Chang'e on the moon.

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