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Travel Tips on 2016 Chinese National Day Holiday

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  China National Day holiday, or “Golden Week” (October 1st - 7th) is approaching. As one of the only two long holidays in China (the other is Spring Festival holiday) and due to the pleasant weather, many Chinese will go traveling, which makes the flight tickets, train tickets and hotel rooms in very short supply. Also, the scenic spots, especially hot spots like Forbidden City and Great Wall, will be crowded with visitors. We suggests you avoiding visiting China during this period. If unavoidable, here are some tips on traveling during China National Day holiday.





  Train: The busy time of railway system will start on September 25th and end on October 7th this year, when it will be difficult to get the tickets. Please book or buy your ticket as early as possible. China train tickets are available 60 days prior to departure online and via phone and 58 days prior at ticket offices and railway stations. The tickets for October 1st have been available since August 3rd.


  Flight: The ticket fare will begin to rise on September 25th, and will be recently most expensive on September 30th and October 1st, followed by October 6th and October 7th. The fare will fall back to low season level after October 10th, which will last till early December. In the case, it is recommended to fly after October 10th or around October 3rd. Besides, most passengers are used to departure in early morning rather than late evening, making early morning flights more expensive than late night flights. If time permits, one can take the night flight the day before. It may save counting in the extra one day hotel stay.




  Book hotels early. There are several reasons:


  1. One can enjoy a relatively low price;


  2. Release travelers from the risk of having no room to stay. Last year in Lijiang and some hot travel destinations, visitors even cannot find a room to stay upon arrival during the holiday;


  3. There are more choices if booking early. One can choose a bigger, quieter, and nicer room. Some rooms of small hotels and guest houses in China have no windows. Just confirm before booking.




  While booking hotels, trains or flights, be careful of fishing websites and phone scams, especially during peak travel seasons. Check the recommended hotels in Beijing.



  There is no doubt that there will be more visitors at scenic spots. During the National Day holiday of 2014, the Forbidden City and Badaling Great Wall have become a sea of people; thousands of visitors queued up to take the cable car on Mt. Huashan. Relatively speaking, the first two days of the holiday are the most crowded; try to avoid the top attractions on the two days. One can also choose some destinations not so popular. Sometimes, a smaller destination with fewer visitors can bring you a more pleasant experience.


  Recommended spots in Beijing: The Summer Palace, The Old Summer Palace, Beijing Dajue Temple.

The Imperial Gardens