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A Real Beijing Experience: Xinxing Crosstalk Hall

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        As a typical local characteristic of Beijing performing arts, Crosstalk occupies an important status in the entertainment market. Alone with the trend, the Xinxing Crosstalk Hall was founded by Xinxing Hotel. It is beneficial to the development of crosstalk culture. 

A Real Beijing Experience: Xinxing Crosstalk Hall


        The Xinxing Crosstalk Hall runs based on completed preliminary investigation by Xinxing Hotel, which was founded in July 1989; using its geographic advances, convenient transportation and fully equipped internal merits; closely cooperating with professional art groups, media companies in cultural industry; using the cultural brand “Beijing Weekends Crosstalk Club” and the complementary advantages with media influences of the readers club of the Beijing Evening News. The hotel offers sites; tea and other related services and the partners are responsible for arranging performing teams.

A Real Beijing Experience: Xinxing Crosstalk Hall


        The Xinxing Crosstalk Hall was founded in October 10, 2015, China Artists Association Chairman Mr. Jiang Kun specially inscribed for it. Beijing Artists Association Mr. Li Jindou, the Beijing Weekends Crosstalk Club chairman Mr.Song Dequan and many other folk artists participated in the inaugural ceremony and then performed on the stage.


        The Xinxing Crosstalk Hall takes “to carry forward the traditional culture, to create a happy life "as the theme, has performance on every Saturday night at 7:30 and the lineup includes Mr. Li Jindou, Mr. Li Jianhua, Mr. Song Dequan, Mr.Wang Yu, Mr.Meng Fangui, Mr.Li Zengrui, Mr.Chang Guitian, Mr.Wang Peiyuan and other Chinese most influential crosstalk artists, as well as the well-known young crosstalk performers such as Fang Qingping, Wang Yuebo, Fu Qiang, Zhen Qi, Chen Yinquan, Hou Zhenpeng, Dong Jian Chun, Li Ding, whom have been active on TV screen. Even more, Tianjin Folk Art Group and Crosstalk Teahouse are supporting the gallery as well so performance artists Li Boxiang, Tian Lihe, Zhang Wenxia, allegro artist Zhang Zhikuan and more than 20 Tianjin Folk artists come to perform on stage. Their performances are so superb that the traditional folk culture has reached a new artistic charming level. 

A Real Beijing Experience: Xinxing Crosstalk Hall


        In order to run it well, they formed a technology, a management and a service team, including a professional tuner, three agents and professional management team; it also met the performing demands of decorative style and artistic atmosphere, safety protection and other aspects; and reached all regulations and rules about performing sites supervised by relevant superior departments.


        As a very local characteristic of Beijing performing arts, crosstalk occupies an important status in the entertainment market, has been included in the first group of "Beijing Municipal Intangible Cultural Heritage", its artistic value is beyond doubt. If it can be integrated with tourism, making it part of the cultural tourism, tourists will definitely have a brand new experience of cultural tourism, and so to complete the integration of tourism and cultural industry and open up a new road of upgrading the transformation of tourism industry. 

A Real Beijing Experience: Xinxing Crosstalk Hall


        Also as the first crosstalk gallery that was founded by a hotel in the west area of Beijing, Haidian District, it exploits transboundary innovations, plays the "health card", "family card" and "culture card" and makes the three cards tightly couple with crosstalk artist, boosts the growth of the new format, is in line with the regulation of “to affirm the companies and groups that are on the transformation of the theatre and early performance on policy level; to promote the construction and development of performing areas that integrate performing, entertainment, catering, accommodation, fashion consumption and many other various formats” in "Opinions about Beijing People's Government implementing the State Council is to speed up the development of Tourism Documents"


        Now that the Xinxing Crosstalk Hall has sustained attention from the public and the media, China Tourism News did exclusive interview about it, the Beijing Morning News, Beijing Television, Toutiao News, Sina, Iqiyi video, Youku video, Tencent video and many other medias had reported the gallery. The Xinxing Crosstalk Hall is a useful exploration to the cross-border integration of the development of the Tourist Hotel industry and the Chinese traditional culture industry. It will promote the growth of new formats; explore the new path of innovating and upgrading tourism culture. 



        Address: First floor of Xinxing Hotel, No. 17 West Third Ring Road, Haidian District, Beijing.

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