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Appreciating Autumn Leaves at the Fragrant Hill

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  The Fragrant Hill is most famous for its amazing red leaves in autumn. It’s a very popular hot spot during this season. Yesterday, we experienced a trip to the Fragrant Hills. We put together some useful tips for you that we gathered from our journey.



  If you are planning to travel to the Fragrant Hill area during this beautiful autumn season, you may want to take a look at some of our recommendations.


  Even if you’re not planning to go, share it with your friend is also a pretty good choice.



  About The Fragrant Hill


  The Fragrant Hill Area is located in the Haidian District, northwestern part of Beijing, China. It covers 1.6 km² (395 acres) and consists of a natural pine-cypress forest, hills with maple trees, smoke trees and persimmon trees. As well, it is comprised of landmark areas and a number of traditional architecture and cultural relics. The name is derived from the park's highest peak, Xianglu Feng (Incense Burner Peak), a 557 meters (1827 ft) hill with two large stones resembling incense burners at the top.



  Travel tips


  This scenic spot tends to be crowded during the autumn season.


  So if you want to go there you’d better set off before 9:00 a.m., otherwise, you may suffer from a traffic jam.


  Bus routes: You can take buses 318,331,360.696,698,714,563 to Xiangshan station.


  Tips: When you leave the hill to wait for the bus, you may be shocked again that there are so many people waiting for the bus. There is a knack that I want to share with you: if you don’t want a seat you can simply talk with the staff of the station and tell him that you prefer to stand once you’re on the bus.


  In that way you may save more than 40 minutes each time as you board the bus earlier.



  Check in with An E-ticket


  If you buy the e-ticket online you should check the ticket at the e-ticket office of the gate of the Fragrant Hill Park. By doing this, you don’t need to line up to buy a ticket, as there are usually hordes of people around.


  Enjoy the Red Leaves


  The red leaves in the Fragrant Hill are really beautiful. The scenery of the mountains made us marvel at the sight of nature. All the editors took their cameras out and took pictures with the red leaves while we were here.


  Tourists can watch the early colorful autumn scenery, while standing in Xianglu Mountain or Baisongting, or even head to a different area of their choice. The Fragrant Hill is beautiful all year around. In the Spring it is full of flowers. In the summer it is cool and pleasant and in the autumn it is famous for the red leaves and the snow, which makes it all the more charming.


  Buy a Gift


  There are a number of vendors here. They sell small treats here made with real red leaves. While they are cheap, it’s a good idea to buy a souvenir to take away with you.

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