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Chinese Folktales: Sweats Blood Horse

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  Ferghana horse, also called sweats blood horse(汗血宝马) in Chinese, is one of China’s earliest major imports. It is native to Turkmenistan and during Han Dynasty (25AD-220AD), it was brought back to China by Zhang Qian’s diplomatic mission.

Chinese Sweats Blood Horse


  Since then, it became the bonded mount for Chinese ancient emperors. They loved it because it was well-figured and understanding. They even considered it as “horse from heaven”.

Chinese Sweats Blood Horse 

Chinese Sweats Blood Horse


  As the horses sweat blood when they are running, they were given the Chinese name Han Xue Horse (literally means sweats blood horse). They can run fast for long hours and can even reach 4300 kilometers in only 43 days. Therefore, they are commonly used for long-distance rides and horse-jumping moves.

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