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Living in Haidian: Infrastructure Overview

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  Haidian district has made great breakthroughs in building up its infrastructure in recent years. What used to be a rural and suburban area is being rapidly transformed into one of the most developed parts of Beijing.


  Haidian has been developing its infrastructure with a view to facilitating R & D, business development, and a high living quality. In many ways and for most parts of the district, the infrastructure has come to be comparable to that of developed countries. Both the Municipal Government of Beijing and the District Government of Haidian make it a high priority to continue the construction and improvement of the infrastructure in the district.



  Haidian's infrastructure improvements are evident in many different areas.


  The challenge of swelling traffic is being met by a fast expanding road network that extends in all directions, aided by a subway and light-rail system, including four subway lines and a light-rail line.


  Public utilities such as water, electricity, and gas are now very secure and reliable.

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  Telecommunications are now world-class, characterized by pervasive ownership of mobile telephones and the availability of broadband Internet access across the entire district.


  A good living environment has been developed, compared to other urban districts in the country. Haidian has won the honors of "The Model for Residential Environment" and "The District Most Suitable for Living among the Eight Urban Districts in Beijing."


  A string of commercial centers have been established, making Haidian a major business trading and consumer shopping hub.

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