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Living in Haidian: Educational Resources and Healthcare Facilities

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  Advantageous educational resources for the children of foreign investors


  Since it is well-equipped with educational resources as well as basic facilities, Haidian district is one of the most advanced districts in terms of education.


  The foundational education of the district aims to provide talent and knowledge for the Zhongguancun Science and Technologies Park. Currently there are 169 kindergartens, 130 elementary schools, and 87 junior and senior high schools. Many of these are considered to be among the nation's very best, particularly those affiliated with leading universities.


  There are 80 institutes of higher learning in Haidian District, which makes the District account for 70 percent of the total number of such institutes in Beijing and 14.7 percent across the country. Renowned universities include: Peking University, Tsinghua University, and Renmin University of China. In addition, the district has a well-developed system of pre-school education, adult education, elderly education and special education.


  There are also international schools established in the Haidian district, providing primary and secondary education with international standards and a Western curriculum. Investors, business executives and professionals who take up long-term residence in the Haidian District will have no trouble sending their kids to the kind of school they prefer.


  Rich cultural life in Haidian district For historical sites, there is Fragrant Hills Park, the Summer Palace, the Yuanmingyuan Ruins Park, the Temple of Great Awakening, and the Big Bell Temple. There are also many newly erected modern sites, such as the China Millennium Altar, Beijing Arts Museum, China Science and Technology Museum, and the 405-meter high CCTV Tower, the fifth tallest building in the world.

Educational resources and healthcare facilities in Beijing's Haidian district.


  Efficient Healthcare Facilities


  Within Beijing, Haidian District enjoys the richest healthcare service resources - with the largest number of third class level PLA hospitals (the Military Academy of Medical Science, the PLA No.301 Hospital, the Air Force Hospital, the Navy Hospital, the PLA No.304 Hospital, the PLA No.307 Hospital, the Armed Police Force Hospital as well as other hospitals of third class level). These hospitals take leading positions nationwide in terms of their capacities for diagnosis, treatment and care.


  There are also international clinics such as the Beijing Toronto International Hospital. As China's first international hospital, it is a premiere healthcare and medical services institution, offering North American standard healthcare and medical services to expatriates, Chinese and their families. With modern facilities and advanced communications, the hospitals and health centers in Haidian are committed to bringing you the highest standards of primary and secondary healthcare.

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