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The First Double-Ninth Festival Royal Concert

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  October 9th (Sunday) was a traditional Chinese Festival: the Double Ninth Festival. Zhiyuan Room in the Fragrant Hills Park(Xiangshan Park) had launched a royal concert “Elegant and Sound Music, the First Double-Ninth Festival Imperial Concert”. The concert was using the exquisite natural garden as the stage, the mountain scenery as the background, on the most beautiful month of the year -October, has launched a series of shows, performances and communication activities using royal etiquette and Beijing opera as the theme. Seventy elder tourists were invited to spend the festival together, inheriting the traditional virtues of respecting the elderly in China.

The First Double-Ninth Festival Royal Concert Lunched at the Fragrant Hills Park


  Jingyi Garden has the tradition of respecting the elderly. Emperor Qianlong used to twice award “3 classes and 9professionals” (9 in Wen class,9 in Wu class, 9 Zhishi, in total 27 professionals) to visit Jingyi Garden for his mother’s 70th and 80th birthdays. In 1761, the 26thyearof emperor Qianglong period when the king mother Chongqing’s 70th birthday, the first 3 classes and 9 professionals visit were firstly launched in JingyiGarden, the average age of the attended princes and officers was 75.2. In the 36th year of Qianglong period (1771), the king mother’s 80th birthday, the visit was launched the second time. It was specifically recorded in the <Emperor’s record> in the First Historical Archives of China: the morning in November in 1831, granting the 3 classes and 9 professionals to visit Xiangshan Hill, ordering painter Ai Qimengpaint them insideQianqing Gate”.


  Jingyi garden has a long history, it was a royal garden in Emperor Qianglong period, is called 3 Hills and 5 Gardens together with JingmingGarden (Yuquan Hill), QingyiGarden (Wanshou Hill, the Summer Palace), Changqun Garden, the Old Summer Palace and is the representative of the Royal Garden with mountain features;is the heritage carrier of Chinese garden culture,feeling the essence of the royal style, experiencing traditional spirits. The Double Ninth Festival, you can not only go hiking in Xiangshan Hill, but also admire the sight of chrysanthemums.



  Climbing is an important festival custom. The so-called climbing generally refers to mountain climbing, going upwardstep by step. It can increase vital capacity, enhance blood circulation, smoothcerebral blood flow. TheXiangshan Park is 575 meters high with more than 5800 strains of old trees, pines and cypressesare numerous. The air is fresh and it’s a natural “oxygen bar”.


  Admiring the sight of chrysanthemumshas been a tradition since ancient China. This year, the exhibition “Wild Chrysanthemum Path” used more than 200000 chrysanthemums, mainly marguerites. It well reflected the sight of the poem “red leaves and yellow flowers are making one beautiful view” with the breathtaking show that was made by extensive yellow flowers.

The Imperial Gardens