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Visit the Old Summer Palace(Yuanmingyuan Park) on a Rainy Day

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  The Old Summer Palace (Yuanmingyuan Park) was an imperial palace for an emperor to stay in when he was out of the Forbidden City during the Qing Dynasty. Inheriting the outstanding 3,000-year-old garden building tradition, the Old Summer Palace doesn’t only feature the luxurious style, but it also has the soft and gentle style of Jiangnan (literally speaking, it means south of the Yangtze River, but it really means areas like Jiangsu and Hangzhou or places around them). At the same time it also absorbed the architectural art and finally integrated different styles into one special art.


  Therefore, the entire outlay looks harmonious and perfect and exposes the essence of traditional garden building. It was one of the most outstanding large gardens that time in China. This was indeed a famous traditional garden and also functioned as an imperial museum, where large amounts of jewelries were stored.


  The Old Summer Palace suffered ransack and burning from the British-French Allied Army in 1860. In 1979, the ruins of the Old Summer Palace were listed among the important cultural relics units in Beijing. Only ruins of the rockeries and water channels, outlay of the garden and the construction base have been preserved. Although today’s Old Summer Palace will never enjoy the grandeur, art and beauty of the intact one which toppled down into the ashes of history, it still looks stunningly beautiful, because of the large hectares of lotus flowers scattered in different lakes of the park. If it rains and you jump onto a boat peddling between the large green lotus leaves, it is perfect!

Visit the Old Summer Palace(Yuanmingyuan Park) on a Rainy Day


  Admission: 10 RMB/person, not including Dashuifa, Xiyanglou or Migong.


  Coupon: 25 RMB/person, including Dashuifa, Xiyanglou or Migong.


  Free admission: for Children under 1.2 meters.


  Address: No. 28, Qinghua West Road, Haidian District, Beijing


  Opening hours: 7:00 - 17:00


  Getting there: 1. To Qichuanyuan: 319, 320, 331, 432, 438, 498, 626, 628, 664, 690, 696, 697, 特6. 2. To Changchunyuan: 365, 432, 562, 656, 681, 717, 814, 982, 特4, 运通105, 205. 3. Take Subway Line 4 and get off at Yuanmingyuan Subway Station.


  Source: travel.sohu.com

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