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Haidian Puts On a VR-Culture Carnival

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  The 11th China Beijing International Cultural and Creativite Industry Expo was held from Oct 27 to 30 in Beijing. The expo's Haidian exhibition area displayed traditional Chinese culture through VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) technology.



  The Haidian area designed three themed activities in the three exhibition days to deepen cultural innovative enterprises' exchange and to create more opportunities for cooperation.


  On the first day, a trans-boundary carnival of culture and high-tech was held, at which excellent works of the VR China JAM 2016 Yuanmingyuan VR/AR National Innovation Competition were displayed, enabling visitors to appreciate the beauty of the park from various angles through VR or AR technology.


  Many other Beijing landmarks, such as the three mountains and five parks (a Qing dynasty royal pavilion located in the western suburbs), were also made into VR/AR innovative products so that visitors could experience the feeling of really standing in those locations.


  The second day focused on innovative designs for ordinary families. The Artxun website, an online painting and calligraphy platform, invited Feng Shaohua, vice president of the Calligraphers Association of Tibet autonomous region, to demonstrate calligraphy and gave the results to exhibition attendees.


  Furthermore, in September the Artxun website started to offer more than 300,000 original art works in traditional Chinese themes by 2,000 artists so families could download and display them at home.


  Nalan culture, a culture derived from Nalan Xingde, a famous poet in the late Qing Dynasty, debuted at the cultural expo on the last day. Visitors were able to buy various Nalan cultural and creative products including hand-made fans, book marks and Nalan series silk figurines, and to appreciate best-selling books about Nalan poems.


  In addition, some traditional Chinese picture books including Shanhaijing, a renowned ancient book of Chinese fairy tales and myths, and Journey to the West, could be read in a VR way.


  An Artbattle was staged during the expo in the Haidian exhibition area. Four artists were invited to create four paintings themed on "A Dream of Red Mansions", "Nalan's sad love", "Royal palace sceneries" and "Western Mountains charm" in limited time on the spot. This activity stirred people's appreciation and illustrated the processes involved in producing art.


  Being a leading district in technology, culture and education in Beijing, Haidian District has enjoyed fast growth in the cultural innovation industry. During the 12th Five Year Plan, there were 2,528 cultural innovative industrial enterprises with more than 20 million yuan's ($2.95 million) total income in the district, accounting for 34 percent of the total number of units in Beijing. The total of cultural innovative assets grew by 19.2 percent per year, or 49 percent of the total of such assets that emerged in the city.


  From January to August, 2016, cultural innovation industrial units reached 2,313, and were worth 339.97 billion yuan in income, a year-on-year growth of 16.6 percent. More and more people are joining in the trend and adding to the stable development of the cultural innovation industry in Beijing.



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