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Enjoy the Autumn Leaves at the Phoenix Range

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  Autumn is the best season to do some mountain hiking and enjoy autumn red leaves at Phoenix Range(Fenghuangling). Those red leaves have become a special feature decorating the mountains of the Phoenix Range. The “Aroma View Road” connectingLongquan Temple and Shangfang Temple is the best choice for it that has a reputation for “different view for every step”. The ancient ginkgo treein themillennium temple LongquanTemple, is more than a thousand years old, tall and flourishing. Every year, autumn decorates it golden everywhere. The ancient tree covers with golden fan-shaped leavesflying in the air and the ground covers with golden translucent ginkgo leaves as if covers with a stunning and dazzling golden carpet. And here comes the important, coming to Phoenix Range not only has merits of easy transportation, adequate parking lots, but also spare you the trouble of traffic jams and parking problems.


  In early October,leaves gradually lose their colors,you can enjoy the first bit of late autumn atmosphere.October 10 -20, it gradually expands up to 50% of the leaves. In late October to mid-November,it reaches the maximum then, to its climax, falling into another beautiful scenery.



  Best observation point


  North Line:North line along the parking lot,Yijing pond, Dakuai Ground, dragon and phoenix Chamber and up tp the Heaven Ladder.


  South line: Huangpu Garden, Chaoyang Cave


  Midline to the North Line:The “Aroma View Road” connecting Longquan Temple and Shangfang Temple is the best choiceand it has a reputation for “different view for every step”.



  Special traits of the autumn red leaves


  1. red leaves, blue sky, green water, ginkgoes and white mountain offer you a colorful visual feast;


  2. many types of leaves.Bright Cotinuscoggygria, bright maple leaves as well assumacin Phoenix Range, perfectly shaped, pure colored and is so different from the others.


  3. the characteristics of the distribution of red leaves not only allow you expose in the distribution area that you can watch the leaves in close distance, but also allows you to feel the beauty of distance.


  4. the southern line distribution of leaves allows you to feel the storied forest charm for its ecological wild rustic, rich vegetation and mountain-shaped red leaves forest.


  5. The ancient ginkgo in the Temple that carries thousand years of history and turns gradually into golden is still now full of vitality.



  Best observation time: October - November


  Activity Location:Beijing Phoenix Range Natural Landscape Park


  Public transportation route:take bus 346 at the Summer Palace to the terminal station the Phoenix Range



  Private car routes:


  Beijing-Tibet Expressway (G6) ----- Exit Beiqing Road---- drive along the road towards west and follow the signs


  Beijing-Tibet Expressway (G6) ----- Exit Beianhe ----- head west along Beiqing Road and follow the signs


  3rd Ring Road, 4th Ring Road---- Wanquan River Road----- Yongfeng Road---- head west at Beiqing Road----pass JingMi diversion canal and follow the signs


  North 5th Ring Road -----Exit Xiaojia River Road (West the Old Summer Palace Road) ---- pass China Agriculture University to Yongfeng Road----Turn left into Beiqing Road then head west----head north at Wenbei Road and follow the signs



  Nearby attractions:Dajue Temple, Jiu Hill, Hurricane Paradise


  Recommended food:rainbow trout, lamb chops, vegetable dumplings, brine tofu


  Recommended Hotel: West Mountain Shichuang Technology training center. Daoxiang Lake Hoter, Cheer Camp Folk Village.



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