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Beijing Zhongguancun Company Directory: Unisplendour Corporation Limited

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  Unisplendour Corporation Limited (UNIS) is an A share listed company (stock code number: 000938) that specializes in information technology and communications. It is the first university-owned company of Tsinghua University and works on enhancing the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements.


  History In 1988, Tsinghua University Sci-Tech General Company was established.


  In 1993, it was renamed Tsinghua Unisplendour Group and adopted, "Unisplendour", as the brand name.



  In 1999, the Group launched Tsinghua Unisplendour Corporation Limited, which was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in November of that year.


  In 2000, the company's share price reached 106 yuan ($16.72), a record high for the Chinese stock market.


  In 2002, the Group combined with newly founded Tsinghua Holding Company Limited and began to focus on information technology and communications.


  In 2006, the group finished its share reform and was renamed "Unisplendour Corporation Limited".


  Focus UNIS bases its development on, "Brand, Resources and Capital", and is achieving efficient operation and positive development.


  The company pursues business in the information industry and has established three business sectors: proprietary products, proprietary technology and value-added distribution channels.


  There are five business plates: information products, software integration, digital distribution, intelligent transportation, and communication technology. The company's ultimate goal is to satisfy the needs of customers by providing diverse products and systematic technical applications and services.


  Product lines: Optical storage: CD-R products, DVD products


  Scanners: series of scanners


  Engineering products: large-format color scanner, engineering graph plotter series, storage devices, high-speed scanner series, large-format scanner series, OMR series, Ao-xi professional color engineering integration machine.


  Computer products: Desktop PC, Laptop


  Network engineering products: firewall series, router series, switch series, intrusion detection system, email security products, engineering input & output devices


  Portal products: wireless LAN, wireless access


  Peripheral equipment & appliances: language repeaters, Computer Secure Lock, Universal Inkjet consumption materials


  Software: OCR system, TH-OFFICE, UNIS Pinyin Input Method


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